Weider Home Gyms – Very Popular Exercise Machines For Home Gym Users


If you are tired of paying expensive monthly gym fees, then its time that you joined a growing number of people. Who are saying goodbye to their local gym and saying hello to an home gym instead. Home gym equipment in recent years has come on in leap and bounds and the quality and craftsmanship of the machines has never been better. In terms of how smooth and fluid the machines operate. If you are thinking about buying an home fitness gym, then it will be a wise move to buy one made by a well known and reputable home gym machine manufacturer. One brand name that has been around for many years and manufactures lots of fantastic home gym equipment is Weider. Weider have quite a lot of different machines to choose from, so lets take a quick look at just four of them that are out there currently in the marketplace to buy.

Weider Home Gyms  – Top Pick

weider total body works 5000 home gymThe first model that we are going to look at is the Weider Total Body Works 5000 home gym.  This gym is so popular with home gym users at the moment. Which is all down to it cheap price tag and total body workout that it offers its users. This gym is only going to set you back just a little over 100 dollars, which for such an high quality and versatile piece of home fitness equipment is an absolute steal. Another big reason why this gym is so popular is, because it is so small and compact. Almost everybody will be able to fit this machine comfortably into their home. From this model of Weider home gym you are able to complete over a whopping 100 different body shaping exercises. There are also resistance bands located on the machine to add a further 50 pounds of resistance to your workouts.

Weider Home Gyms – A popular choice for home gym buyers

weider max ultra home gymThe second Weider home exercise machine that we are going to look at is the Weider Max Ultra home gym. Again this is another fairly inexpensive gym costing around 300 to 400 dollars to buy. It operates from it resistance based technology which is able to give the user a whopping 240 pounds worth of resistance. If that wasn’t enough, you can quickly and easily upgrade this weight resistance to a mammoth 440 pounds. So if you are super strong this model of Weider home gym may just be the model you have been looking for.

This home exercise machine is so versatile and offers its users over 65 different exercises to choose from.  All of these different exercises will give your body a complete workout, that will help you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals fast. This machine will not only give you a fantastic resistance based workout, but will also allow you to throw cardio training into your routine as well. By using the gym’s rowing seat. Doing a workout which is resistance and cardio based will result in much faster weight loss and fat loss.

Weider Home gyms – The portable choice

weider x factor door gymThe third gym that we are going to look at is the very popular Weider X Factor home gym. All you need to start using this gym is a door and doorway and your good to go. From this home door gym the user is able to complete over 50 different muscle building and fat loss exercises. To help ensure that you are doing all of these exercises correctly, you will receive a fantastic workout poster which you can use for quick reference when doing your workouts from the machine. Not only that, you will allow get an 8 week diet plan, showing you what to eat to get the fastest results from your Weider X Factor workouts. It doesn’t end there, you will also get your hands on three DVD’S which contain lots of workouts to get you started with the gym straight away.

Weider Home gyms – The body weight exercise machine

weider club 290 power towerThe fourth and final Weider fitness machine that we are going to look at is the Weider Club 290 power tower. This machine is totally different to all of the previous models. In the fact that this gym operates from the users body weight. From this machine you can do body weight exercises, such as pull ups, push ups, sit ups and vertical knee raises. All of these exercises are great at helping you to sculpt the body what you are wanting to get. This power tower is also a little different to similar models in the marketplace. Because the armrests located on it, fold away when not in use. This is an excellent feature and helps the user to feel more comfortable when completing the pull up exercise.

If you would like to find out more about any of the four Weider home gyms that we have just looked at. All you need to do is click on the image of the machine you are interested in and you will be sent to our full review of your chosen machine.

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