Stamina Viper Leverage System Home Exercise Gym Review


stamina viper leverage home gymWhen it comes to buying an home gym machine, lots of people want to buy machines which are fairly compact and small. But still offer the user the ability to add lots of weight to the gym so that they can train hard and heavy. One home gym in the marketplace that is going to allow you to do this is the excellent Stamina Viper Leverage system home gym. This gym is so popular at the moment, this is due to its fairly inexpensive price tag and its ability to add lots of weight to it, so that you can train your body hard and to the max. It is also a gym that feels like, you are just working out with free weights. Minus the large gym area needed for such a workout. Let’s look at this piece of home fitness equipment a little closer to find out more about it.

Stamina Viper Leverage System Home Fitness Gym Review

This gyms biggest selling point has got to be the complete body workout it offers users in such a compact package.  Another thing that people will like about this machine is the unique leverage arm system, which actually feels like you are working out with free weights, minus the dangers which is associated with working out this way. Just imagine working out on this machine in the comfort of your own home. On your own, with the ability to lift heavy. No spotter or training partner is required to lift heavy with this baby.

This gym gives you the ability to work all of your bodies major muscle groups. Some of the exercises you can do on this machine include leg lifts, bench press, lat pulldowns, biceps burls and leg extensions to name just a few of them. Not only can you do lots of different muscle and fat building exercises on the Stamina Viper leverage home gym. But you can perform these exercises in sheer comfort, due to the thick cushioned seat which is adjustable to four different heights to suit the individual needs.

Not only is it extremely comfortable, but it is built to very high standards with its ball bearing pulley systems and its high tensile strength cables.  The machine has got high and low pulley systems which allow you to do lots of fantastic exercises, that they stop you from ever getting bored of this machine.

Before buying the Stamina Viper leverage system home exercise gym. It would be a wise move to take its size into consideration. To ensure that you can fit this machine comfortably into your home gym space. Its dimensions when fully assembled is 5 foot 4 inches by 6 foot inches and 6 foot 8 inches tall. Another thing to remember as well is that this machine has got a maximum loading weight for the bench press of a mammoth 600 pounds. Also remember that when you buy this gym you will only receive the gym, no weight plates will come with it. You will need to buy these separately.

When you buy the Stamina Viper leverage system exercise gym you will not only get the gym, but you will also receive a lat bar and a curl bar with foot strap. Not only that you will get a workout guide to help you get started with the machine and your workouts straight away. Also remember that you will need to assembly it yourself when it arrives, assembly is fairly straightforward using the instructions that come with it.

Does this Stamina home gym come with a warranty?

It most certainly does, the warranty on the machine is three years on the frame and 90 days on all other parts.

How much does the Stamina Viper leverage system gym cost and where can I get it for the best discounted price?

This exercise gym has got a list price of $900, but you would be nuts to pay this much for it. This is because I have found the gym for sale for just a fraction of this price at just $624. That is a saving of 31% off the list price of the gym. The online retailer listing it at this ridiculously cheap price is Amazon. Over at Amazon this gym is getting rave reviews and is scoring an average customer review score of 4.5 stars out of 5. Just check out a few of the comments that are being left on Amazon below.

What are people who buy the Stamina Viper leverage home fitness gym saying about it?

* Excellent machine 4 stars out of 5

* Nice home gym for the regular user 5 stars out of 5

* Good sturdy home gym 4 stars out of 5

* Great quality, great workout 5 stars out of 5

Are there any customers unhappy with this home gym system? At the moment all of the reviews are extremely positive. With people saying it is well made and works very well. One customer did leave a negative about the seat not going low enough so that they can do military presses. This customer was 6 foot 2 inches tall though.

If you would like to find out more about the Stamina viper leverage home gym system.  I would hop over to Amazon, read all of the customer reviews and then decide if this is a piece of home gym equipment that is going to offer you what you want out of it in terms of workout effectiveness and workout versatility. To read these customer reviews, find out more about it and buy at a crazy low bargain price, click here now.

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