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Going to your local gym a few times per week, can be so time consuming. Finding the motivation to get to the gym is also a big reason why people start missing workouts. Which later leads to them quitting the gym all together. Quit the gym by all means, but keep your workouts up, by buying yourself an home gym machine. In recent years the quality of these machines just keeps getting better and the price also is getting better as well. In today’s economic climate, money is very tight for lots of people. So if you are on a tight budget an home exercise brand out there in the marketplace which offers home gym users fantastic full body workout machines is Stamina. Stamina manufacture lots of different pieces of home gym equipment. So let’s take a quick look at just three models of home gyms that they currently have out there in the marketplace for sale.

Stamina Home Gyms – Top Pick

stamina bio flex 2200 home gymThe first model that we are going to take a quick look at is the Stamina Bio Flex 2200 home gym. For starters lets tell you about this gyms incredibly low price. You can buy this popular home exercise gym at the moment for under 500 dollars. So if you are on this type of budget, it may be worth your while taking a look at this gym. This gym gives its users a great full body workout from its different training stations. It’s got a standing workout station, a lat tower workout station and a leg curl workout station.  The gyms weight resistance is created by resistance bands, rather than the traditional way of using weight plates.The seat on the gym is also fully adjustable to suit the user and can be removed out of the way when using the gyms standing workout station.

Stamina Home Gyms – A popular light weight and space saving choice

stamina bio flex 1700 home gymThe next model that we are going to be looking at is the Stamina Bio Flex 1700 home gym. This machine offers home gym users a great total body workout. There are many different exercise stations that are located on the machine. There is a lat tower, which you can use to do lat pulldowns from as well as lots of other pulldown exercises. There is also a leg extension and leg curl station which is used to train your legs. If that wasn’t enough there is also a standing station on the gym which is going to allow you to add even more excellent strength & muscle building exercises to your workouts. This gym again runs off resistance bands making it lightweight and compact. Which are popular reasons for lots of people buying home gyms today.

Stamina Home Gyms – The leverage workout gym

stamina-viper-leverage-home-gymThe last home fitness gym on our list is the Stamina Viper leverage system home gym. This gym is totally different to the two previous models we have just looked at. Instead of working off resistance bands to create the weight resistance. It uses Olympic weight plates that the user adds to the machine. Leverage gyms are very popular at the moment. This is because they give users a fantastic heavy duty strength training workout. This gyms main advantage is its ability to let users train heavy without the need to have a training partner with you to spot you. Please not that the weight plates do not come with the machine, you need to purchase these separately.

To find out more about any of the Stamina home gyms that we have just mentioned, just click on the image of the gym  and you will be quickly taken to our full review page of the home exercise gym in question.

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