My Review Of The Stamina Bio Flex 2200 Home Fitness Gym


stamina bio flex 2200 home gymMore and more commercial gym members are deciding to cancel their memberships and buy themselves an home gym machine. This is because it gives them so many advantages. For starters it will save you money on costly monthly gym subscription fees and more importantly than that it will save you time. Time is a precious commodity and going to a gym to workout and get fit definitely eats into your time. At the moment there are so many different machines out their to choose from, so were  do you start. Well one very popular model out there in the shops to buy at the moment is the Stamina Bio Flex 2200 home gym. This gyms popularity with home gym users is all down to it costing under 500 dollars to buy and it offering the user a complete body workout that really hits the body hard. Let’s tell you a little more about this great piece of home fitness equipment.

Stamina Bio Flex 2200 Home Fitness Gym Review

If you are looking at improving your fitness and strength levels this gym is going to give you the opportunity to do it. This machine offers users a smooth and comfortable workout, all from its fantastic compact space saving design. One good feature of the gym is it ability to allow you to easily and quickly change the weight resistance on the gym as you are training. It is a machine that allows you to do lots of different upper and lower body exercises, that will help to strengthen, shape and tone the whole body.

Just some of the important features of the Stamina Bio Flex 2200 home gym is its lat tower station, its standing workout station, its leg extension/ leg curl station and its 4 position removable seat. Once you start using this gym you will be amazed at just how good it is for such a cheap and inexpensive price.

It is tough and durable due to it solid steel construction, yet lightweight due to its small compact size. Making it an ideal home gym that can fit into most people’s rooms and also it’s ability to be easily moved around the home should you feel the need to change your workout area. It is also so comfortable to use due to its padded two tone seat cushion and its foam padded half circle stability grip arcs that are located at the top of the seat.

When you buy the Stamina Bio Flex 2200 home exercise gym, not only will you receive the fantastic workout machine. But you will also get important gym accessories and attachments such as a lat pull down bar, ankle cuffs and two handles. The fantastic pulley systems on the gym allow for lots of free range of motion exercises that will quickly have you on the way to owning a more toned, firm and more attractive body.

It would be a wise move to take the dimensions of the Stamina Bio Flex 2200 fitness gym before buying to ensure that you can fit it into your home gym space. The dimensions of the machine are 83 inches tall by 33.5 inches wide by 47.5 inches long and it weighs a lightweight 131 pounds. Making it an ideal home gym to be used on almost any surface you choose.

How much does it cost and were can I buy the Stamina Bio Flex 2200 gym for the best low bargain price?

This home gym has got a list price of $700, but this would be a foolish amount of money to lay out for it. This is because after looking around the Internet at the top online retailers selling the gym. I have found it for sale for a low bargain price of just $499. That’s right for under 500 dollars you can get your hands on this wonderful piece of home gym equipment. At this price you will be saving a whopping 29% off the recommended list price on the gym. The online retailer selling it at this crazy low price is Amazon.  This gym has also got a few reviews at the moment, which are a little mixed. The majority are very positive. But one customer did state that the bungee cords ripped and he was told my Stamina that he would be charge $21 for a new set.

More reviews left on Amazon about the Stamina Bio Flex 2200 home gym?

The other reviewers were extremely pleased with the gym and left these positive comments on the gym.

* I love this thing 5 stars out of 5

* This machine is OK 4 stars out of 5

If you would like to read more reviews about this home gym, to get a better idea if it’s the right piece of home gym equipment for you. Then I suggest you get over to Amazon find out more about it, read all the reviews and base your buying decision off this. A thing to remember though is, this gym costs under $500 to buy. To read these reviews, find out more and buy at the best low discounted price, click here now.

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