My Review Of The Stamina Bio Flex 1700 Home Exercise Gym


stamina bio flex 1700 home gymIf you are tired of paying expensive monthly gym fees, then its time that you invested that money into an home gym machine. Don’t worry you do not need to pay out thousands of dollars to buy one. There are lots of high quality gym machines in the marketplace for a lot less than this. One very popular model of home gym costing less than 400 dollars to buy is the Stamina Bio Flex 1700 home gym. This inexpensive home gym has got everything you would need to get a complete body workout from the comfort of your own home. This gym is also surprisingly small and compact meaning that it is suitable for people who may be limited for space to house an home gym within their home. Let’s take a closer look at this exercise gym to find out a little bit more about it.

Stamina Bio Flex 1700 home gym review

If you are looking for a cheap home gym that is going to give you a comfortable and smooth workout from home, then this may just be the model you have been looking for. One of the main features of the gym is its ability to quickly change and adjust the weight resistance on the machine to suit the exercise you are doing. Using this machine you are able to perform a wide variety of different exercise both on the upper body and the lower body.

Some of the workout options on the Stamina Bio Flex 1700 home exercise gym are a lat tower for doing lat pull downs,  a leg curl and leg extension station for training your legs. A standing workout station so that you can complete such exercises such as the standing bicep curl. Also located on the gym is a four position removable seat.

Lots of people are deciding this is the right gym for them because of its compact design and it lightweight construction. This home gym weighs a lot less than your more traditional home gyms that have weight plates stacks on them. In fact this machine will give you a lot more workout options than if you were using free weights to get fit and build muscle.

Before buying the Stamina Bio Flex 1700, it would be a wise move to measure its dimensions first. To ensure that you can fit the machine into your home. This home gym measures 47.5 inches by 33.5 inches by 83 inches tall and it weighs a lightweight 150 pounds. This machine is also built to last due to its solid steel construction.

How much does it cost and where can I buy the Stamina Bio Flex 1700 exercise gym at the best price?

This home gym has got a list price of $600, but this is a price that you don’t want to be paying for the machine. This is because after searching around cyberspace I have found this machine listed for sale for just $395 and that includes free super saver saving as well. That is a saving of over 200 dollars off the list price or a mammoth 34%. The online retailer listing the gym at this low bargain price is Amazon.

If you are looking for a cheap home gym for under 400 dollars then this model may just be the gym for you. To find out more about this excellent piece of home fitness equipment and buy the Stamina Bio Flex 1700 home gym at the cheapest price online, click the link now.

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