My Review Of The Powerline PHG1000X Single Stack Home Gym


powerline phg1000x home gymDid you know that you don’t need to join your local gym to get toned, fitter and leaner. No you can do this in the comfort of your own home on an home gym machine. In recent years the quality and craftsmanship of home gyms as come on leaps and bounds.  But with so many different brands and models out there on the market. Where do you start in choosing a gym which is right for you. Well this is all going to depend on your budget, if you have got around 400 dollars to spend on a machine. You are in luck because there is a popular home gym out there selling for this cheap price. The exercise gym that we are talking about is the Powerline PHG1000X home gym. This inexpensive home fitness gym allows you to get a complete workout from the comfort of your own home. Let’s take a closer look at this model of home gymnasium to find out more about it.

Powerline PHG1000X home gym review

This gym is perfect for people who are on tight budgets and want a small and compact gym that they can fit into the limited space that they have got within their home. This gym is designed not just to be affordable, but very durable and versatile. The main feature of this machine is the patented press arm station that is located on the gym. From this workout station users are able to replicate the pectoral dumbbell fly exercise, which is a very popular exercise for people looking for developing that perfect set of pecs.

Also located on this starter home gym is high and low pulleys systems that will allow you to do lots of different exercises from.  There is also a leg curl/extension station which you can use to train your quads and legs on. Giving users the ability to get a full body workout from using the machine. The Powerline PHG1000X home fitness gym operates off standard weight plates that you add to the machine. But some people find this a little time consuming during there workouts, so decide to buy the optional 150 pound selectorized weight stack. The beauty of this as well is you can still add weight plates to the machine as well if you are looking to train heavy.

When you buy this home fitness gym, you will not only receive the machine. But you will also get a straight bar, utility strap and a lat bar. Which will allow you to do all the different exercises from the machine that will help in building you the body that you want to. It has got a front access design and the compact footprint needed to house the gym. Is one of the main reasons why this gym is so popular with home gym users today. That and it being an extremely cheap piece of home gym equipment.

Does the Powerline PHG1000X home exercise gym come with a warranty?

Yes the warranty on this piece of home gym machinery is ten years on the frame and one year on all other parts.

How much can I buy it for and where is the best place to get this model of Powerline home gym at the best low bargain price?

This exercise gym has got a list price of $595, but this is a rather high price and you should not even consider paying this much. This is because after doing a bit of web surfing I have found this home gym listed for sale at just £399 and that even includes free super saver shipping. That is a saving of 33% off the list price, bargain or what. The website selling it at this low bargain price is Amazon. At the moment there is quite a few different reviews being left on Amazon about this gym. Just check out some of the positive comments being left on there about this machine.

What are people on Amazon saying about the Powerline PHG1000X single stack home gym?

* Great equipment 5 stars out of 5

* Well made, compact but no weights 4 stars out of 5

* Not for the serious 3 stars out of 5

Are there any unhappy buyers of the machine?

This home gym at the moment is getting mixed reviews, with some saying it is a fantastic home gym for a cheap price. The negatives on this gym, seem to be the fact that it comes with no weights. Yes, this gym operates from the user adding standard weight plates to the machine. These are not included and will be need to be purchased separately. There has also been a few people who have struggled assembling the gym, saying that the instructions are not very clear on how to assemble it.

If you are looking for an home gym machine costing under 400 dollars then this might be the model that you have been looking for. To find out more about the gym, read more online reviews of the Powerline PHG1000X home gym to get a better idea on the machine and buy at the best low price, click the link now.

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