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Are you a member of your local gym and finding it harder and harder to go. Because it is too time consuming and expensive. Don’t worry you are not alone, more people than ever are throwing in the towel at their local gym and investing that time and money into an home exercise gym. That they can use whenever they feel like the need for a workout. Lots of people work funny shifts, so having an home gym is fantastic for them. Because the hours that they want to workout, lots of commercial gyms are not open at that time. If you are looking for an home gym on a tight budget, then one budget brand out there that lots of home gym users, use to train at home on is Powerline. Powerline home gyms offer users quite a lot for their cheap price. Let’s take a quick look at four models of Powerline gyms that are currently out there for sale in the marketplace.

Powerline Home Gym – Top Pick

powerline bsg10x home gymThe first home exercise gym that we are going to talk about is the Powerline BSG10X home gym. This machine offers its users a great workout from its many different workout stations. These are the 8 position press arm station for doing upper body exercises and the leg extension/curl station for doing lower body exercises. There is also high, mid and low pulleys systems on the gym to add even more total body exercises to your workout routine. One of the best things about this gym is that it is already more than half assembled when it arrives on your doorstep. This makes assembly quick and easy, giving you more time to get started with your home workouts.  Another good thing about this home gym is the small space needed to house the machine. To use this machine you only need a space of 6ft by 4ft, its compact and small design is so popular with home gym users limited on space within their homes.

Powerline Home Gym – Number two on our list

powerline p1x home gymThe second model that we are looking at is the Powerline P1X single stack home gym. This model operates from its 160lb weight stack. This is enough weight for most users of average strength. If you are above average then its very likely that you will needed an heavier machine. One which has got a weight stack of 200lbs plus. The Powerline P1X fitness gym gives users a great upper and lower body workout. Located on the machine is a chest press, leg curling station and high, mid and low pulleys. Giving you the ability to add lots and lots of excellent muscle and strength building exercises to your workout. This machine also gives users the opportunity to add a leg press onto the machine as well. This is sold separately and does not come with the machine when you buy it.

Powerline Home Gym – The adding weight plate model

powerline phg1000x home gymThe next gym on our list of Powerline home exercise gyms is the Powerline PHG1000X home gym. This gym is slightly different to the two previous models. Because instead of having weight stacks located on it, this model operate from standard weight plates that you need to add to the machine yourself. The only disadvantage to this is, one you need to buy these weight plates separately and two it takes much longer to change the weight on the gym that you want for the exercise that you are doing. But the advantage to this model is it is very cheap to buy and costs under 400 dollars. So if you are on a tight budget for an home gym machine, this may just be the model for you.

Powerline Home Gym – The final pick

powerline p2x home gymThe last exercise gym that we are going to look at in the Powerline range is the Powerline P2X home gym. This gym again operates off its 160 pound weight stack and gives users the opportunity to complete lots of different workout exercises from it. Located on the gym is a chest and shoulder press station and low and high pulley systems which you can do lots of fantastic exercises from such as the lat pulldown or the standing bicep curl. Note the picture shows the model with the optional leg press station added onto it. This does not come with the P2X and is sold separately as an add on to the gym. All these models of Powerline home gyms come with a 10 year warranty of the framework and 1 year on all other parts.

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