Perfect Push Up V2 Review – The Version Two Pushup Bars


perfect push up version 2 barsWhen people think about getting a lean, athletic and attractive body. What instantly springs to mind is that you have to spend several hours each week at the gym working out hard on expensive pieces of commercial gym equipment. Because of this way of thinking people don’t exercise because they think they haven’t got the time to go to a gym and they haven’t got the money to join one. If you are on a tight budget and time schedule, don’t worry you can still get a fantastic workout from the comfort of own home. Using a fantastic exercising device called the Perfect Push Up V2, this is version 2 of the worlds most popular pushup bars.

The design of the bars has been upgraded slightly and the grips feel a bit more comfortable than the originals. By using these bars just a few times per week and following the program on the free workout chart that you will receive. You will quickly be on your way to owning a leaner and fitter body. Let’s tell you a little bit more about this excellent and portable piece of home gym equipment.

Perfect Push Up V2 Review

If you are looking for one hard and very intense workout that is going to hit your upper body muscles to the max then version 2 of these popular bars are going to be right up your street. Who says working out and buying home exercise gyms had to be expensive. This inexpensive device will give you a total body workout from any room in your house that you choose. The versatility and portability of the exercise routines you can get using this set of exercise bars is fantastic.

Whats the different between the original bars and the Perfect Push Up Version 2 bars?

According to the manufacturer of this high quality piece of kit, the V2 bars are made with reinforced construction and improved functionality. There is 30% more ball bearings in them and stronger more reinforced internal workings which results in smoother and easier rotation of the bars during your push up workouts. If you are wanting to send your workouts into overdrive, the bars are also weight vest certified. This means that you can wear a weight vest, to add more weight and resistance to your body and get a much harder workout that is going to really hit more of your upper body muscles.

The grip is more padded and now is slightly grooved which results in a better feel. The grip has been inspired from off road tires which offers you a non slip grip.The smoother rotation is also said to help reduce joint pains and strains and also help in engaging more of your muscles during exercising.

How much do the Perfect Push Up Bars Version 2 cost and were can I get my hands on this new and improved model?

The V2 model of this popular exercising device costs just $39.99, for such a great piece of kit this is an absolute bargain. This is going to be one purchase that you are going to be extremely pleased with when you make it. After a quick look around the Internet I have found these push up bars for sale at this cheap price at the big online retail giant Amazon. At the moment the version 2 model are getting rave reviews. Just check out a few of the positive comments being left on Amazon about this fantastic exercise invention.

What are amazon customers saying about the Perfect Push Up V2 bars?

* Nice improvement over the V1 5 stars out of 5

* Excellent product 5 stars out of 5

* Saves my wrists 5 stars out of 5

* Improvement on the original 5 stars out of 5

After reading through these reviews and other online reviews the positive comments being left about these push up bars is fantastic. If you are looking for a cheap piece of exercising equipment that is going to give you a great workout. A workout that will give you results, then you will definitely need to take a closer look at the Perfect Push Up Version 2 bars.

One of the things I like most about these bars is they are so easy to transport not just around the home, but they can easily fit into a suitcase. So that you can take them on your travels be it on business or on pleasure. If you are looking for an even smaller and more compact version of these push up bars. Then the Perfect Push Up Mobile Travel Set is going to be your best choice.

If you would like to compare the Version 2 Bars to the Original push up bars then click here to view our full review of the Original Perfect Push Ups.

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