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weider x factor door gymLots of people are cancelling their expensive monthly gym memberships because not only is it added monthly expense that they haven’t got the money to pay for each month. It is also very time consuming getting to and from the gym and working out. This is time that lots of people in today’s busy and hectic world simply haven’t got. These people still want to keep fit, so they buy themselves an home gym. There are so many different makes and models of home gyms out there in the marketplace today.

Ranging from less than 100 dollars, all the way up to the thousands. If you are on a tight budget and would like a good quality home gym at a cheap price, then you will need to take a quick look at the excellent Weider X Factor door gym. This gym is so quick and simple to set up and will give you a fantastic workout from the comfort of your own home. Let’s look a little closer at this wonderful piece of home exercise equipment.

Weider X Factor door home exercise gym review.

This piece of home fitness equipment is going to give you a total body workout, all from attaching the device to any standard door. It uses a unique design from helps to promote explosive movement’s for an hard and intense workout that is going to hit your muscle to the max. The engineering behind this door gym, is it simply fits to a door within your home and using it you can get a progressive resistance from it exceeding a mammoth 210 pounds.

When you buy this cheap door gym you will receive the Weider X factor door gym, 2 ankles strap, 2 handles, 4 connection clips and resistance bands. You will also receive a fantastic exercise poster which will clearly show you how to do over 50 different muscle sculpting exercises on it.

Even more goodies you will receive is the 8 week nutrition plan which will help you to get the fastest results possible from using this machine. Remember that your body is built out of the gym and what food you put into your body will determine how much lean muscle mass you gain and how much body fat you lose. If that isn’t enough you will also receive 3 workout DVDS that will help you even further on your journey to an healthier and fitter you.

Let’s tell you a little more about the three exercise DVDS that you will get when you purchase this excellent gym. Disc one is the Total Body Workout DVD which will show you how to get a rock solid chest, powerful legs and ripped up arms from using the Weider X Factor home door gym. Disc two is the Explosion Workout DVD, this will show you how to experience muscle extending explosion which will result in a much better workout and better performance from the person who is using the machine. The final disc, disc three is the Ab Shred Workout DVD, this disc is a workout program that will allow you to build 8 pack abs and a beach body mid-section. That is going to be the envy of all your family and friends and when you hit the beach you will feel great.

Doe’s the Weider X Factor Door Gym come with a warranty?

It does, in fact the warranty being offered by Weider is amazing. This is because you will get a full lifetime warranty on this brilliant piece of exercising kit. This is something that won’t be on offer with less known and cheaper and inferior brands.

How much does it cost to buy? and where can I buy the Weider X Factor exercise door gym for the best bargain price?

After looking around the Internet I have found that this home gym has got a list price of $199. But you will not have to pay this price to obtain it. Because having visited all the top online retailers who are selling the gym I have found it being sold for a bargain price of just $94. That is a saving of a huge 53% OFF the list price. Plus as well this website is also giving you free super saver delivery when you buy it as well. Which means it will not cost you a penny extra in shipping to get the gym to your home. The website I found the gym for sale at this bargain price was Amazon, which is a well-known and respected online retailer so you instantly know you are buying from someone who is highly reputable. Another thing I like about buying from Amazon is you can read reviews of products before you buy. At the moment there a quite a few glowing reviews being left about this home gym. Let show you just a few of the positive reviews being left at the moment.

What are Amazon buyers saying about the Weider X Factor door gym?

* Perfect in every way 5 stars out of 5

* Fun and easy to use 5 stars out of 5

Are there any unhappy customers? One customer was unhappy with it and said it was a poor imitation of the tower 200. But another customer said that  he researched the item for 2 days before buying and once he got it. It took him just 5 minutes to set it up and having it on this door ready to being used. He also said that you cancel that expensive gym membership with this home gym because you can simply buy more rubber resistance bands should you feel the need to add more weight and resistance to this gym.

If you are still unsure about the gym I suggest you hop over to Amazon read all the reviews. Workout the pros and cons of the machine and make a buying decision based on that. Personally for such a cheap price the Weider X Factor door gym is a fantastic piece of home gym equipment that is going to give you an excellent total body workout.

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