My Review Of The Weider Total Body Works 5000 Home Fitness Gym


weider total body works 5000 home gymLots of people today are choosing to work out from the comfort of their own home on an home gym machine. But the downside to this is, lots of exercise gyms in the marketplace today are quite big and bulky and lots of people just haven’t got the room within their home to house these gyms. If you are limited for space and are looking for a fantastic home gym that has been designed with space saving in mind.

Then you will need to take a look at the fabulous Weider total body works 500 gym. This home exercise machine will give you a fantastic full bodywork that is going to hit your muscles from every angle. Let’s take a closer look at this brilliant piece of home gym machinery.

Weider Total Body Works 5000 home fitness gym review

If you are looking for an all in home gym which is going to replace several pieces of bulky home gym equipment then this is the model for you. This gym folds up, so that it can be kept safely stored away in a closet when not in use.

This machine is not only cheap to buy, but it is so versatile due to it’s ability to complete lots of different exercises on it. This gym will train every body part, abs legs, arms and shoulders are all covered with this machine.

The machine works off a self centering top cable with the users body weight creating the added resistance, the elastic bands are connected on the bottom for even more resistance.  Both these cables are designed to eliminate any signs of unequal resistance between your left and right arms whilst using it.

The weider total body works 5000 gym is surprisingly very heavy duty and well built for such a low price.  The majority of this machine is metal, so it is fairly heavy. When you receive the gym you will need to assemble it yourself. But assembly is a piece of cake and full assembly instructions are included to get you moving in the right direction.  You should be able to quickly set this gym up in around 15 minutes, that’s how easy it is to do it.

Like with any piece of heavy duty home gym equipment you will need to keep it away from small children. Because in the wrongs hands this machine can be dangerous. Due to it being able to quickly collapse for easy storage. The machines closes like a pair of scissors so keep it away from small children to be extra careful. This home gym machine is designed to be used by adults and is definitely not a toy even those it does look fun to children when you see people gliding up and down the machine whilst using it.

The weider total body works 5000 exercise gym is so smooth in its operation and the board glides extremely smoothly on the framework. It is also an extremely quiet machine when being used. Another good feature about this exercise machine, is the handy exercise chart that comes with it that clearly shows you how to complete over 50 different exercises. If you are new to working out on this type of machine this is a tremendous help and because there are so many different exercises you can do. Your workouts are ever going to get boring because you can swap and change your workouts on a regular basis to keep your workouts new and fresh. People who do the same workouts session after session, will quickly get bored and this is something you don’t want to be happening with you.

What is the size of the Weider total body works 5000 home fitness gym?

It’s very important that you find out now much space you have in your home gym to house this wonderful piece of exercise equipment. Don’t make the mistake of buying it before knowing whether it will fit into your gym. The dimensions of the machine is 71 inches by 26.5 inches by 49.5 inches and because its mainly metal in construction it weighs 76 pounds.

I’m interested in buying it! So how much does the Weider total body works 5000 gym cost? and were is the cheapest place online to buy it?

This machine has got a list price of $299, but you would be crazy to pay this amount of money for the machine. Because after quickly looking through the prices at the top online retailers I have found the machine for sale for just a fraction of the list price at just $125. That is a saving of a whopping 58% off the recommended retail list price. The website that I found it for sale at this ridiculously low price was Amazon. Amazon are also currently offering free super saver shipping with the machine as well.

This home gym machine is currently getting rave reviews on Amazon as well and at the moment is getting an average review rating of 4 stars out of 5. Here are just a few of the positive comments being left on Amazon about this fantastic home fitness machine.

What are Amazon buyers saying about the Weider total body works 5000 home exercise gym?

* My favorite home gym 5 stars out of 5

* Wow, this thing is great 5 stars out of 5

* Excellent machine for the bucks 5 stars out of 5

* Incredible work out for cheap price 5 stars out of 5

* A real exercise bargain 4 stars out of 5

* Great product for the money 5 stars out of 5

Are there any customers who are unhappy with the gym. After reading through the online reviews I have found a few customers complaining about the packaging being a bit cheap and flimsy. But once unpacked they was extremely happy with there purchase. The positive reviews certainly outweigh the negatives, which is re-flexed in the high customer review score. If you would like to read more customer reviews on the weider total body works 5000 gym and to find out more to see if it is the right piece of home gym equipment for you and your home gym then…

Click here to read more reviews and find out were you can buy it for a whopping 58% off the list price!

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