My Review Of The Weider Max Ultra Home Gym System


weider max ultra home gymAre you a member of a commercial home gym, are you finding getting to the gym and paying the expensive monthly fees becoming more and more difficult. If you are, its time to buy yourself an home gym machine. This is because these machines just keep getting better. More and more fantastic exercising features are being added and they give you a total body workout from the comfort of your own home that will give you the results you want from your exercises routines. But with so many models of home gyms out there, which one should I go for. Well one very popular model out there in the marketplace at the moment is the excellent Weider Max Ultra home gym system. This gym offers you everything you need to get fit and get the body that you dream of having. Let’s take a closer look at this exercise gym.

Weider Max Ultra Home Gym System review

Let’s start off by telling you about the mammoth weight resistance that is available to you. The machine has got 240 pounds of resistance, which is heavier enough for even the strongest of people. If you are super strong you can even upgrade this weight to a mind blowing 440 pounds of resistance making this one heavy duty beast of an home gym.

This machine is so well made and high quality. It is also very versatile in the amount of different exercises that are available to you. On this machine you will be able to do a whopping 65 commercial gym quality exercises on it. Having this amount of different upper and lower body exercises available is great for keeping you focused and motivated to keep going with your workouts.

One of the biggest reasons lots of people quit working out is because they find it boring and time consuming. Your workouts don’t need to be boring or time consuming on the Weider max ultra home gym. With the 65 different exercises available to you, you can swap and change your exercise routine to keep it fresh and new. This will result in you enjoying the exercise more and sticking to your strength building workouts. The secret is to not only change your workout routines on a regular basis. But you will also need to keep the workouts short 45 minutes is plenty of time to build a strong lean and attractive body on this wonderful Weider home gym.

Another fantastic feature to this gym is not only can you get a fantastic resistance based workout, but you can also throw cardio training into the mix. With the excellent rowing seat that is located on the gym. Adding aerobic training to your weight training workouts will result in much quicker fat loss.

The Weider max ultra home gym system is jam packed with features. It has got high and low pulley systems which you can use to complete dozen upon dozen of excellent strength building exercises. There are six different resistance bars, a multi position padded bench, a padded leg developer and multiple straps. This gym also gives you the ability to quickly change weights during your workouts, using the quick change resistance option on the gym. This gym works so well because all exercises can be done through the full range of motion, which results in better and quicker muscle development.

This gym is also made with space saving in mind, and the comfortable bench is able to be quickly folded so that you can store it away when not in use. Because this machine uses resistance bars rather than a weight stack it is also extremely lightweight for such a powerful heavy duty piece of home gym equipment.

How much does the Weider Ultra Max Home Gym System cost and were can I buy it for the best bargain price?

This exercise gym has been around for a few years now and Amazon have the gym listed on their website from $300 to $400 these prices include new and used models. Personally I like buying from Amazon before I can read customers reviews before parting with my hard earned money. At the moment this home gym is getting very positive reviews scoring an average review rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Just look a few of the comments being left on Amazon about this resistance based home gym.

What are Amazon customers saying about the Weider Ultra Max home gym?

* Good for the price 4 stars out of 5

* Weider max is a great machine 5 stars out of 5

* I love it 5 stars out of 5

* Excellent machine 5 stars out of 5

* Great quality for the price 4 stars out of 5

* Great resistance machine 5 stars out of 5

Are there any unhappy buyers? One customer was unhappy and said that you would be better off buying a power rack and some free weights. But the reason why people buy this type of machine is so they don’t have to have lots of heavy power racks and free weights scattered around their home. This gym is lightweight and offers quite a lot of resistance to allow you to gain lean muscle mass.

If you are looking for a good quality resistance based home gym, which is going to give you a full body aerobic and resistance workout then the Weider max ultra home gym system is going to allow you to do it. To read more reviews, buy at a low price and find out more about this gym click here now.

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