My Review Of The Body Solid G10B Bi Angular Home Exercise Gym


body solid g10b bi-angular home fitness gymWorking out from the comfort of your own home as never been so popular. This is due to home gyms becoming better quality and some gyms in the marketplace perform just as well as machines that you would find in a professional commercial gym. Not so long ago home gyms were juddery and the motion on them was not very smooth. This is not the case today, especially when you buy gyms from an high quality gym equipment manufacturer such as Body Solid. This company has been around for many years now and the quality and craftsmanship of their home gym machines just keeps getting better.

They have always got there finger on the trigger when it comes to making the best home gyms that is possible. Body solid manufacturer quite a few different models of home gyms, ranging from under $1000 to several thousands dollars in price. One very popular model of exercise gym that they currently have out there in the marketplace today is the excellent Body Solid G10B Bi-Angular home gym. Let’s tell you more about this brilliant piece of home gym equipment.

Body Solid G10B home exercise gym review

This gym has got lots of fantastic unique features that other gyms do not have. Such as the Bi-Angular technology. Basically this feature will guide your arms through their full range of motion, with the added advantage of applying resistance in 2 directions. This multi directional resistance which is applied is said to increase muscle interaction by up to 25%.

This unique technology makes your exercises tougher and more intense and it is this increase in the quality of your strength building workouts that allows you to get the best muscle building results from your workouts that you can. The bi-angular arms located on the Body Solid G10B bi angular home gym. Give you the ability to workout and train from several different starting points for the shoulder press, bench press and incline bench press exercises.

This gym is going to give you a fantastic full body workout due to the vast amount of different exercises which you can do on the gym. This body solid home gym has also got a pec dec station, which is equipped with swivel arms which helps to ensure better range of motion during the pec dec exercise. The bi-angular technology is made for both unilateral and bilateral movements that ensure that your muscles are fully stretched on every exercise. This will result in deeper muscle toning and the best upper body muscle workouts possible on this wonderful home gym.

The Body Solid G10B bi-angular home exercise gym has also got a seated leg extension and leg curl station which is fully adjustable to suit the person who is using the gym. The amount of different exercises you can do on this gym machine is mind boggling, especially with the high, mid and low pulley systems which are located on the gym. Just a few of the exercises you can do using these pulley stations is weight resistance ab crunches, lat pull down, triceps pull downs and standing biceps curls to name just a few of them.

Another fantastic feature of the Body Solid G10B exercise machine is the comfort you get from it. Lots of cheaper and lesser known brands are extremely uncomfortable to use and it is because of this that lots of people quit using their home gym and end up selling it. With this Body Solid gym you are guaranteed to get a fantastic smooth and comfortable workout dues to its extra thick durafirm pads. It is also a tough, durable and attractive home gym due to its 2 x 3 steel framing which is powder coated to give it an stunning finish.

This gym comes with 2 x 210 pound weight stacks which allow even the strongest of people to train on the gym. This can be ungraded to 260 pounds when you choose to buy the SP50 stack option. You are able to complete over 50 different exercises on the gym, giving you the ability to swap and change your workout routines so you do not get bored of the same old workouts session after session.

When you buy this body solid home gym at this cheap price you will receive a full workout chart, which clearly shows you how to complete each different exercise correctly. You will also get important home gym attachments such as the utility strap, ab and triceps strap, lat bar and revolving straight bar.

How much does the Body Solid G10B bi-angular home gym cost? And were can I buy it for the best price online?

This fantastic home gym is going to set you back a few grand and has got a list price of $3,955. But this is a silly amount of money to pay for this gym. What if I told you after doing a bit of research online I have found this home gym for sale for just $1,999. That is a saving of 49% off the list price. The website I found it for sale at such a ridiculously low price was the online retail giant Amazon. This gym is getting fantastic customer reviews and at the moment scores 5 stars out of 5.

What are Amazon customers saying about the Body Solid G10B bi angular home gym?

* Great quality gym 5 stars out of 5

* More than expected 5 stars out of 5

* Very very high quality item 5 stars out of 5

This home gym is getting fantastic comments left about it, and customers are extremely pleased with the gym.  After reading all the positive reviews of this home gym, one person did state that assembly of the gym was a little time consuming. But what can you expect for such a brilliant piece of home gym equipment. Take your time assembling the gym and follow the assembly diagrams and you should be OK.

If you are looking for an home gym which is high quality and will give you the best full bodywork that you can get then the Body Solid G10B home gym is going to be for you.

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