My Review Of The Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench


best fitness bfob10 olympic benchWhen it comes to working out from home, lots of people like to train using free weights. With the popular Olympic size weight plates being the most popular choice for people who are looking for an heavy workout. One of the most popular pieces of Olympic size weight training equipment is the bench. This is because you can complete so many fantastic strength and muscle building exercises on it. But with so many different benches out there in the marketplace which one should I buy in terms of quality, usability and value for money. Well, one very popular bench out there in the marketplace at the moment is the Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench. This bench is so popular because it is heavy duty and sturdy and it is sold at a very reasonable price. When looking for a bench to buy, it is always important that you buy benches that are sturdy. This is because you will be lifting lots of weight on it and for your own safety you want to be using well built equipment that will hold up to all that heavy weight. Let’s take a closer look at this bench to find out more about it.

Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench review

This folding and space saving  Olympic bench is one which is going to deliver you a full body free weight training workout. On this bench you can perform flat bench presses, incline bench presses, decline bench presses, leg curls, leg extensions and many more exercises.  The bench is fully adjustable with lots of different settings, these being three incline settings, a decline setting and a flat setting. The bench has also got adjustable uprights which gives it the ability to be used by people of different heights. This bench is so versatile and heavy duty with its oversized foam rollers, heavy duty back pad and folding framework. It is also a very comfortable Olympic weight lifting bench when being used, due to its extra thick cushions on all of its pads.

An important thing to consider before buying, is the recommended maximum weights that can be used on the bench.  According to the manufacturer this is 300 pounds on the uprights and 100 pounds on the leg developer. If you find that you need more weight for the leg training, all you need to do to quickly fix this is load up the 100 pound maximum on the leg trainer and lift it using just one of your legs. In effect this is doubling the weight to 200 pounds.

Assembly of the bench is an absolute breeze and most people will be able to quickly assemble it in around 30 to 60 minutes. When you buy the bench you will receive full assembly instruction which will clearly show you how the bench is assembled correctly.

Does this Best fitness All In One Olympic Bench come with a warranty?

Yes, it has got a 3 year warranty on the frame and a 1 year warranty on all of its other parts.

What are the dimensions of the  Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Weight Training Bench?

The dimensions of this bench when fully assembled are 41 inches wide by 45 inches high by 68 inches long. When the bench is folded it measures 41 inches wide by 72 inches high by 26 inches long. Due to its size this bench is ideal for 6 foot and 7 foot long barbells, but any bars under 6 foot then the distance between the uprights on this bench is just too wide to accommodate these shorter length bars.

How much does the Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench cost and were can I buy it for the best price?

This sturdy, inexpensive all in one weight training bench has got a list price of $260. But this is price you do not want to be paying to get this bench. Because after searching the top online retailers I have found the bench for sale for just $151 that is a saving of 41% off the list price. This hugely discounted price is available at Amazon, but how long it lasts is any one’s answer. This bench is currently receiving rave reviews at Amazon and at the moment has got an average customer review score of 4 stars out of 5. Check out just a few of the positive remarks being left about this excellent Olympic weight lifting bench.

What are Amazon buyers saying about the Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Weight Lifting Bench?

* For the price I’m very impressed 4 stars out of 5

* Pretty good home bench 4 stars out of 5

* Excellent value for the price 5 stars out of 5

* Very good product 5 stars out of 5

* Best bench for the price 4 stars out of 5

* Great folding bench 5 stars out of 5

Are there any buyers unhappy with the bench? After checking through the reviews one buyer stated that  the packaging was poor and that the back pad was a little uncomfortable when using the flat bench press option. After reading through all of the Amazon reviews the positives on this bench certainly outweigh the negatives.

If you are looking for one of the best quality Olympic weight training benches in the marketplace. That is being sold for a cheap price then the Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench may just be the one for you.  I suggest you hop over to Amazon read all the reviews and make your buying decision based on these reviews. Click the blue link above to read more reviews of this fantastic piece of home weight training equipment.

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