Marcy Diamond MD3400 200lbs Weight Stack Home Gym Review


marcy diamond md3400 200lb home gymIf you are thinking about starting working out from home you will need to buy an home gym machine that is going to suit you and your needs. For starters you want to be looking at home gym machines which are made by reputable and well known makers of home fitness equipment.  Next you will need to take the gyms size and price into account as well. If you are looking for an home gym which is manufactured by a well known company. Then why not take a look at the Marcy Diamond MD3400 home gym. This gym is very popular with home gym users at the moment. This being down to its compact size and inexpensive price tag. Let’s tell you a little bit more about this model of home gym machine.

Marcy Diamond MD3400 200 lbs weight stack home gym review

If you are looking for an home gym machine which is going to help you strengthen up and tone your body, then this is one machine that you will need to take a closer look at. On this machine you can train every body part, be it shoulders, back, arms, chest, legs and abs. Every muscle group is covered on the Marcy Diamond home gym.

This gym is equipped with lots of workout features such as the multi position press arms that have 6 different settings. Allowing you to train shoulder presses, chest presses and seated row exercises from the press arms. Also on the Marcy MD3400 home gym machine is lower and upper pulleys system which you can use to complete lots of different exercises from. Exercises such as triceps pull downs, lat pull downs, bicep curls, hammer curls and many more excellent muscle building exercises.

The Marcy Diamond home exercise gym is designed to be used by people of all different sizes. Due to its variable height seat and multi position back pad. This gym is also fairly small and compact and only needs a floor space of 5 foot by 6 foot to be operated. The weight stack on the gym is 200 pounds making it an ideal home gym for most people who want to use it.

If you have been working out with weights for a long time and you are fairly strong. This may not be the gym for you. You would be better advised to buy a bigger weight stacked home gym or buy some heavy free weights and a bench.

When you buy the Marcy Diamond MD3400 home gym, not only will you receive the gym, but you will also get gym accessories such as a shiver bar, a lat bar, a single handle and an ab strap. Another fantastic workout station on this gym is the butterfly press station, which you can use to hit your chest muscles hard and intense. Also located on this gym is a leg developer station which has been bio-mechanically designed to be kinder on your knee joints as you are training your legs on the workout station.

How much does it cost and where can I buy the Marcy Diamond MD3400 200 pound weight stack home gym for the best discounted price?

This home gym has got a list price of $799, but this is a stupid amount of money to pay for this gym. Whys that then, well after looking around the web. I have found this brilliant home gym for sale for just $600. That is a saving of nearly 200 dollars or 25% off the list price of the gym. The website selling it at this ridiculously low price is Amazon. Whilst at Amazon I quickly checked out the customer reviews of the gym. And I must say customers are extremely pleased with this home gym. Just look at the comments they are leaving about the machine on Amazon.

What are Amazon customers saying about the Marcy Diamond MD3400 home gym?

* Great home gym 4 stars out of 5

* Very good 4 stars out of 5

Are there any negative comments about the gym being left on Amazon? At the moment all of the reviews are positive.  With customers saying that the gym is a compact size, very sturdy and give users fantastic workout functionally.

If you are looking for home gym that is made to a compact size, is high quality and offers users a complete body workout from the comfort of their own home. Then this may just be the model of home exercise gym for you. To find out more about it, read more customer reviews of the Marcy Diamond MD3400 home exercise gym and buy it at the best low price, click the link now.

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