My Review Of The Marcy Diamond MD2109 100lbs Weight Stack Home Gym


marcy diamond md2109 home gymLots of people pay costly monthly fees to be a member of their local gym. But for a large number of people this money is a complete waste. Because most commercial gyms contain lots of heavy gym equipment which is simply too big for lots of folk. If you are looking for a lightweight home gym that you can workout on from the comfort of your own home. An home gym which will allow you to cancel that gym membership. Then why not take a closer look at the very popular Marcy Diamond MD2109 home gym. This gym has got a weight stack of 100 pounds, so this machine is suited more for people who do not want to workout heavy when it comes to weight training exercises. Lets take a closer look at this home gym machine to find out more about it, shall we.

Marcy Diamond MD2109 100 pounds weight stack home gym review

If you are on a tight budget when it comes to buying yourself an home gym, then this model is going to be right up your street. Costing less than 400 dollars to buy, this cheap and lightweight gym certainly delivers a lot for such a cheap rice tag. This gym operates from its 100 pound vinyl coated weight stack, which provides users with the ability to complete lots of different exercises from the machine.

The Marcy Diamond MD2109 has got a dual function press arm station. Which allows users to complete chest press exercises as well as pectoral fly exercises from the workout station. To give users a wider choice of strength and muscle building exercises. There is an high and low pulley systems, which is going to allow you to complete lots and lots of excellent exercises. Just some of the exercises you can do from these pulleys are lat pull downs, bicep curls, triceps push downs and hammer curls to name just a few of them. Also located on the gym is a leg curl and leg extension station, which helps to ensure that you can get a total body workout from using this gym.

For such a cheap home gym the Marcy Diamond MD2109 100lbs weight stack home gym. Is very well built and durable. Due to its heavy duty steel frame which has been covered with an attractive powder coated paint finish. It is also extremely comfortable with it high density boxed upholstery and large over sized foam roller pads. For when you are using the leg extension station on the gym.

Things that you will need to consider though, before buying is the size of the gym. This gym is quite small and compact making it an home gym that should fit comfortably into most people’s homes. The dimensions of this Marcy home exercise gym is 62 inches by 41 inches by 81 inches. So use these measurements as a guide to see if you can fit this exercise machine into your home comfortably.

Does the Marcy Diamond MD2109 home gym machine come with a warranty?

Yes, the warranty on this piece of home gym equipment is a two year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

How much does it cost and where can I buy the Marcy Diamond MD2109 exercise machine for the best price?

This home fitness gym has got a list price of $499, but this is a foolish amount of cash to pay for this machine. This is because after a little online searching at the top online retailers who sell the gym. I have found it selling for the low bargain price of just $377 and that even includes free shipping as well. That is a saving of 25% off the list price of the machine. The website listing the gym at this cheap bargain price is Amazon. The good things about buying from Amazon is you know you are buying from a big online company that won’t rip you off, plus you can read online customers reviews before parting with your hard earned cash.  At the time of writing this article. There is only one review left about the gym. But it is an extremely positive one, with the reviewer giving it a 4 star out of 5 rating. The headline of this review reads….

‘Great machine for the money’

They go on to say that it is a great machine for both upper and lower body exercises. Its well-built and looks good.

If you are looking for a cheap home gym, one which will give you a great full body workout from home. Costs less than 400 dollars to buy, then the Marcy Diamond MD2109 home gym might just be the model of home exercise gym that you have been looking for. To find out more about the machine and buy it at the best discounted price, click the link now.

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