Home Gyms For Sale Under 500 Dollars


Lots of people are on very tight budgets when it comes to buying home gym machines that they can use to get fit and stay in shape from the comfort of their own home. But did you know, that you can buy lots of high quality pieces of home fitness equipment for well under 500 dollars. There are lots of machines out there in the marketplace that will give you a fantastic full body workout from home for this cheap price. Let’s take a closer look at just four home gym machines that you can buy for under $500 at the moment.

Home gyms for sale under 500 dollars – Top Pick

bowflex pr1000 home gymOne of the most popular home gyms out there in the marketplace for this cheap price has got to be the excellent Bowflex PR1000 home gym. This gym offers a lot for such a cheap price, it gives it users an excellent full body workout from its impressive 210 pounds worth of resistance which is operated from the gyms power rod resistance technology. All you do, to quickly change the weight resistance on the machine is hook up the 4 different rods that come with the machine. This machine lets you choose from 30 different strength building exercises when you are exercising on it. It is also a very comfortable machine due to its extra thick cushioning.

Home gyms for sale under $500  – The Space saver

dosho gym 5000The next home gym that we are going to look at under $500 is the Dosho Gym 5000. When you first look at this machine is looks so modern and different. But this machine give you a great total body workout from its small and compact space saving design. The dosho dumbbells that come with the machine are fully adjustable from 5 pounds up to 45 pounds and the weight on the dumbbells can be changed within seconds. When you buy the Dosho gym 5000 not only will you get the fantastic gym system, but you will allow receive a 78 page training booklet to get you started on the machine straight away.

Home gyms for sale under 500 dollars – The resistance band home gym

stamina bio flex 2200 home gymThe third home gym under $500 that we are going to look at is the Stamina Bio Flex 2200 home gym. This gym operates off resistance bands and it is these bands that create the resistance to determine how hard you train. Again this is another small and compact home gym. It is also very lightweight due to its resistance band technology rather than it being an home gym that is loaded with weight plates.  The pulleys on this gym, give the user a fantastic range of motion during their workouts which allows for quicker results from their training.

Home gyms for sale under $500 – The ideal beginner home gym

cap barbell home gymThe last home exercise gym that we are going to look at for under 500 dollars is the Cap Barbell home gym. This gym operates off its 150 pound weight stack giving the beginner more than enough weight to get started. One of the main reasons why this home gym is a big seller is its very small compact gym for a gym of its type. This machine measures just 35 inches by 51 inches long. This machine again offers the user a complete body workout from it many different workout stations located on the gym. If you are thinking about buying any of these gyms and want to find out more about these home gym for under 500 dollars. Then click the images of the gym you are wanting to find out more about.

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