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Lots of people want to lose weight and get fit, but they don’t fancy the idea of joining their local gym to do it. This is because it is expensive and just too time consuming, plus most people pay for things in their gym memberships that they simply don’t use. What a lot of people are doing now, is rather than spending money on a gym membership. They are deciding to invest that money into an home gym machine that they can use whenever they want. Home gyms have come on leaps and bounds in recent years and they offer users smooth and very fluid workouts. Which model of home gym you buy, all depends on what your budget is. If you are looking at spending around two thousand dollars or less on an home gym. Here are four models that are very popular with home gym users at the moment.

Home gyms for sale under $2000 – Top Pick

body solid g10b biangular home gymThe first gym that we are going to take a quick look at is the Body Solid G10B home gym.  This gyms unique selling point is it Bi- Angular press arm station technology. Using this technology, muscle interaction during training is said to increase by up to 25%. This model of home gym has got multiple workout stations that you can train your full body from. The machine as also got high, mid and low pulleys systems which you can use to add even more fantastic strength building exercises to your training routine. This gym operates off it two 210lb weight stacks and if that wasn’t enough you can upgrade these to 260lbs if you need to.

Home gyms for under sale under 2000 dollars – Another popular Body Solid gym

body solid g5s home gymThe next gym on our list, is again made by Body Solid. It’s the Body Solid G5S home gym, which operates from it single 210 pound weight stack. It has been bio-mechanically designed so that your workouts are more effective, meaning users get much faster results. It has got a pec dec station, chest press and shoulder press station and a leg developer station. This gyms offers users a very smooth and fluid workout from its self lubricating pulleys and high tensile strength cables.

Home gyms for sale under $2000 – The Bowflex choice

bowflex xtreme 2 se home gymThe third home exercise gym is the very popular Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE home gym. This model is the updated and improved version of the Xtreme.  This gym is a little different to the previous gyms we have looked at. Because instead of working from a weight stack, the weight resistance on this gym operates from Bowflex’s unique power resistance rods. The weight resistance on the machine is 210 pounds and if you are really strong, this is upgradeable to a whopping 410 pounds. A big selling point to this gym is the small footprint it needs to house it. The required space needed to fit the gym into your home is 8 foot by 6.5 foot.

Home gyms for sale under 2000 dollars – The family home gym

body solid exm3000lps home gymThe final home exercise gym on our list is the excellent Body Solid EXM3000LPS home gym. This model of home gym is ideal for families. Because of its lots of different individual workout stations. Two people can train on this gym at the same time, which is going to result in saving you time. The gym operates off it two 210lb weight stack making it a model of home gym which is going to be heavier enough for most people who use it.

If you are looking for home gyms for sale under $2000, then the four models we have just mentioned may just be up your street. To find out more about these gyms, and get them at the best prices, just click on the image of the exercise gym that you are interested in.

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