Home Gyms For Sale Under 200 Dollars


When it comes to buying home gym equipment lots of people are under the illusion that it costs a small fortune. Let me tell you this, it doesn’t you can find home gyms for sale under 200 dollars. That will give you a great full body workout. There is quite a few different pieces out there to choose from though, so choose wisely. What you need to look for is high quality equipment that customers seems to be happy with. Lets be honest $200 isn’t a lot of money to spend on an home gym system. But even at this cheap price you can buy a good quality home gym. Just don’t expect it to be your latest Body Solid or Bowflex model. Let’s take a closer look at just four home gyms you can buy for under $200 at the moment.

Home gyms for sale under 200 dollars – Top Pick

weider total body works 5000 gymOne of the best home gyms for this cheap price has got to be the Weider Total Body Works 5000 home gym.  Using this gym the user is able to complete over 100 different body shaping exercises on it. It works from your own body weight creating the resistance and the resistance bands located on the machine also add to this. This glide-board home gym is well made and extremely smooth and quiet when being used. Something that you would not associate with this type of home gym system.

body by jake tower 200 home gymThe second home gym for sale under 200 dollars on our list is the excellent Body By Jake Tower 200 home gym. This gym is so popular at the moment, mainly due to the excellent full body workout it offers you and its extremely cheap price. When you buy this home door gym, not only will you receive the brilliant Tower 200 gym, but you will also get a workout DVD and exercise chart telling you exactly how to get the most out of this excellent home gym system.

Home gyms for sale for under 200 dollars – A popular pick

bodylastics resistance bands 388lbsOne home gym system in the marketplace that is extremely popular with buyers.  Is the fantastic range of different resistance Bodylastics Resistance Bands. Costing  just a little over 100 dollars. The muscle and fitness edition of these bands. Offers the user a whopping 388 pounds of resistance. These bands are ideal for the super strong or if you a looking for a set of resistance bands that would be great for all the family to use. When buying Bodylastics resistance bands it is always worth spending that little bit extra on a bigger weight resistance set. Because by doing so you can move forward with your workouts without worrying about having to buy an heavier set. When you become stronger

The final home gym for sale under 200 dollars

weider 200 power towerThe last gym that we are going to take a quick look at is the excellent Weider Power Tower 200. This gym is fantastic for giving your upper body one extreme workout.  Exercising using your own body weight can yield fast results in terms of fat loss and muscle building. Exercises such as the pull up,push up and dips will allow you to get bigger and stronger fast. Using this power tower you are able to complete pull ups, push ups, dips and vertical knee raises to name just a few of the muscle building exercises that can be done on the machine. The home gyms for sale under 200 dollars that we have just mentioned come with full product reviews just click on the image to read our reviews of each different product.

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