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When it comes to working out at home, lots of people are under the impression that you need to spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on home gym equipment which is durable and high quality. Whilst this is partly true, you can still find lots and lots of home gym equipment for sale for under 100 dollars. That is high quality and very durable.

If you are looking at buying the latest home gym with lots of features forget it, you just won’t be able to do it for just $100. But what you can buy are home exercise gyms such as the wonderful set of bodylastics resistance exercise bands. With the super strongman edition being the most popular choice for most people due to their whopping 254 pounds of resistance. Let’s quickly show you how you can create a fabulous home gym for under $100.

Making An Home Gym For Under 100 Dollars

OK, for starters you will definitely need to purchase some exercise resistance bands. You will need to remember to buy a set which is high quality and durable and Bodylastics resistance bands are going to certainly offer you this. You will also need to buy a set based on your strength level. These bands are available to buy in these different weight resistances.

Bodylastics Basic Edition resistance band = 88 pounds of resistance. These cost under 50 dollars to buy and are probably one of the best pieces of home gym equipment you could ever own.

Bodylastics exercise bands Max Tension Edition = 134 pounds of resistance. This set costs a little over 50 dollars, but gives you a little more resistance should you need an heavier workout

Bodylastics resistance bands Super Strongman Edition = 254 pounds of resistance. This set costs at the moment just under 100 dollars, and offers you quite a bit of resistance

Bodylastics fitness bands Muscle and Fitness Edition = 388 pounds of resistance. This is the heaviest set, at a whopping 388lbs. This set costs just over 100 dollars to buy, but we thought we needed to tell you about it so that the full range of different resistances are covered. This set is suitable for people looking for the heaviest workout possible and because there are more bands in this set it also makes a great set for all the family to use as well.

Another Home Gyms For Sale Under 100 Dollars

If you want to expand your home gym with even more cheap high quality gym equipment. Then these next few items are definitely going to do that.

The next piece of gym equipment that we are going to look at is the Iron Gym total upper body workout bar. This equipment is going to hit your upper body muscles from every angle. Your back, shoulders, chests and arms are going to be trained to the max on this workout bar.

The bar is designed to easily and quickly be installed on a doorway so that you can complete pull ups and chin ups. Also due to its fantastic design you can also use the workout bar to complete sit ups and push ups. The bar has got a total of 5 different grip positions to add more versatility to your workouts. The product has got a user weight limit of 300 pounds and is designed to fit in doorways measuring 24 to 34 inches wide that have got a 3.5 inch molding and trim. So you will need to take these things into consideration before buying this wonderful workout bar.

Another piece of fantastic home gym equipment that every home should own is the wonderful Perfect Push up bars. This excellent push up workout device has only been around a few short years, but the way it has transformed the effectiveness you get from doing the simple push up exercise is amazing.

There is now two versions of this wonderful product, the original product is still so popular and lots of people actually prefer using the original model to the newer Version 2 model. There is also a mobile version that you can fold up and keep compact which is ideal for people who like to workout when they are traveling away from home. Check out our full reviews of the brilliant range of perfect push up devices below.

Original Perfect Push Up Bars Full Review

Version 2 Perfect Push Up Review

Perfect Push Up Mobile Unit Review

Even more Home Gyms For Sale Under 100 Dollars

Even with a budget of just $100, there are so many fantastic pieces of home gym equipment available to you. So let’s show you even more products that will give you a fantastic workout in the comfort of your own home.

The next item of home gym equipment that we are going to look at is the fantastic Slendertone Fortex Upper Body Strength Trainer. This product will set you back well under 100 dollars and is getting fantastic online reviews.

This product is designed to train your upper body using the revolutionary air based system in the device. It is great for toning those upper body muscles fast.  The fortex also has got built in software which assesses how strong you are and develops a custom made program designed just for you.

One of the biggest selling points of this product is the fact that it is quite small and compact home gym that you can easily transport around the house.

Another popular home gym for under 100 dollars is the ISO 7X Isometric Workout Bar. This portable device will give you fantastic isotonic and isometric exercise workout.  The bullworker has been around for over 40 years and is still delivering fantastic results for people who use this wonderful piece of home exercise equipment on a regular basis. The ISO 7X Isometric Exercise Bar comes complete with an exercise chart showing you exactly how to complete each different exercise on this home gym. In fact you are able to do over 30 different exercises on this device, which is going to help keep your workouts new and fresh.

Best place online to find home gyms for sale under 100 dollars?

The best place to buy all your cheap home gym equipment has got to be the online retail giant Amazon. Personally I like buying from the website because of the customer reviews that customers are allowed to leave about the products that they buy. This will help you to decide if it is a fitness product that is worth spending your hard earned cash on.

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