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Getting motivated and focused to keep going to a local gym to keep fit ,can be very hard to do. This is because it can be so time consuming and lots of people just haven’t got the time in their busy and hectic lives to get to the gym. Plus there’s expensive monthly gym subscription fees to pay each month. Lots of folk, have decided that being a member of there local gym just isn’t working for them and have decided to invest that money into a exercise gym for their home. At the moment there is an endless amount of different home gyms out there in the marketplace to choose from. A good starting point for choosing which model to buy is going to be your budget. If you have over 2000 dollars to spend on an home fitness gym, then these four models are going to be right up your street. Lets take a closer look at all four models to see what they offer the home gym user.

Home gyms for sale over $2000 – Top Pick

body solid exm4000s home gymThe first gym that we are going to take a closer look at is the Body Solid EXM4000S home gym. This gym is one fantastic family home gym. That operates off its three weight stacks each weighing in at 210 pounds. This can be upgraded to four stacks if you decide to buy the optional leg pressing station. This gym offers you and your family members a fantastic total body workout. From its many different workout stations. This gym has got a pec deck station, a chest press and shoulder press station and high and low pulleys systems to give you lots of different options when working out on the gym. This gym is so well built and offers users extreme comfort during use, due to its extra thick durafirm cushioning.  Another fantastic feature to the gym , is it’s ability to allow 4 different people to workout on it at the very same time.

Home gyms for sale over 2000 thousand dollars – A popular choice

bodycraft x4 home gymThe next gym that we are looking at, is the very popular BodyCraft X4 home gym. This beast of an home gym operates from its 4 different weight stacks, each weighing 200 pounds. Again 4 people can use the gym at the same time, making it a perfect piece of home gym equipment for the whole family to use. This gym has got four different workouts stations, that allow users to complete over 100 different exercises from this wonderful machine. Having all these different exercises available to you is going to help keep you motivated and keep your training routines fresh and new. Not only has it got the 4 workout stations, there are also high, mid and low pulley systems on the gym to make the BodyCraft X4 one of the best family home gyms in the marketplace today.

Home gyms for sale over $2000 – Another high quality BodyCraft home gym

bodycraft xpress pro home gymThe third gym that we are going to look at is the BodyCraft Xpress Pro home gym. This gym runs off its single weight stack, which weighs in at 200 pounds. This gym is high quality, comfortable and is going to offer home gym users a fantastic workout from the comfort of their own home. This gym allows you to train every major body part to give you a fantastic full body workout, from its many different workout stations. One of the biggest feature of the Xpress Pro exercise gym is the functional training cable arms, that allow you to complete over 100 different muscle and strength building exercises.

Home gyms for sale over 2000 – Another fantastic Body Solid gym machine

body solid g9s home gymThe final home exercise gym on our list is the Body Solid G9S home gym. This is another popular choice of gym for families. Due to it twin 210 pound weight stacks. One of the best features of this gym is the leg press station. Which is cabled up to operate off a 2 to 1 ratio. Meaning the 210 pound weight stack on the leg press station can be doubled up to a whopping 420 pounds.

If you are on the lookout for home gyms for sale over 2000 dollars. Then it may be worth your while to check out the 4 fantastic models we have just talked about. To read a more in depth review of each different home exercise gym. Simply click on the image of the machine that you are interested in.

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