Cheap Home Gyms

Because of the growing popularity of working out in the comfort of your own home, more and more different brands of home gyms are hitting the marketplace. Most people like to buy a bargain and will begin their search looking for cheap home gyms. But a quick word of warning when buying home fitness equipment I have found that the cheaper you buy the less inferior the product. My first home gym was just a few hundreds dollars, but after just a few short weeks of use, the pulleys were beginning to wear. Which was making it extremely difficult to get a smooth and free flowing workout from the gym. But being an engineer by trade I was able to fix and replace the pulleys which cost me even more money. Luckily for me I sold the gym on eBay and purchased a fantastic body sold home gym. That was 4 years ago and my home gym is stilling going strong. Its works just as well today as it did the day I bought it 4 years ago.

It gets even better, I purchased my home gym second hand from a seller on eBay. So I was able to get a excellent cheap home gym at less than a third of the price that it would cost me to buy brand new. That was 4 years a go though, and the bargains seem to be getting harder and harder to find on there now. If you are thinking about starting working out at home and are just beginning your search for cheap home gyms. I would highly recommend you do a bit of research on all the different makes and models you are thinking about buying. One thing you must do is buy an home gym that will give you a total body workout.

Look for an home gym that as a chest press so you can train your chest, leg curl attachment so you can train your legs. High pulley so you can train your back, shoulder press so you can train your shoulders and a low pulley so you can train your arms. Most home gyms will come with a workout poster showing you how to correctly perform each exercise on the machine. The best place to buy cheap home gyms as got to be the Internet, what I like best about the Internet. Most websites allow the customers to leave product reviews, so you can quickly and easily find out from past customers whether or not the product is good or bad. Even though you may be on a limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t still get an high quality product.

I would totally avoid extremely cheap home gyms, I mean the ones you see floating around the web for under $100 dollars. I must admit the gyms you see advertised look quite good on the pictures, especially for the price. But you will quickly regret it, because these type of machines are made with inferior parts, and are not as heavy duty as the more expensive models. When you start working out at home, you want a gym that is smooth and free flowing. Cheaper gyms see to stick and stutter on the pulleys giving you a jerky workout. This does not feel good making you more likely to quit and give in.

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