My Review Of The Bowflex Revolution FT home Gym Machine


bowflex revolution ft home gymLots of people are now coming to the conclusion that going to the commercial gym just isn’t for them. They are taking the plunge and buying an home gym that they can workout on from the comfort of their own home. But, with so many different gyms out there in the shops to buy, which one should one you go for. Well a fitness gym which is very popular with buyers at the moment is the Bowflex Revolution FT home gym. This is because it will give you a commercial quality gym workout, with the added benefit of you not having to leave your home to do it. You can workout on it when you choose and is a fantastic investment that is going to saves you lots of money and time. Let’s look at this model of home gym equipment a little closer to find out more about it.

Bowflex Revolution FT Home Exercise Gym Review

The biggest selling point of this fitness machine is that it offers the user a smooth and very versatile workout when using it. This resistance based machine is so smooth in its operation and this is all down to its unique spiraflex resistance technology. Which gives you a consistent and fluid movement through the full range of motion when exercising on it. This consistent resistance that is applied to the muscles, help them to develop much quicker so that you reach your goal of attaining a lean and strong body as quick as possible from using the machine.

Another fantastic feature of the popular Bowflex Revolution FT home fitness gym is the versatility of it in terms of weight resistance availability and quick weight changing. The interlocking plates on the gym lets you change the resistance on the Revolution from just 10 pounds all the way up to an impressive 200 pounds within seconds. And if that weight wasn’t enough for you, you can upgrade the weight resistance on the machine to 280 pounds if you feel the need to, when you become stronger.

When you start using this fantastic Bowflex home gym, you won’t believe its quality and you will feel like you are working out on commercial gym equipment down at your local gym. The amount of different exercises you can do on this machine is mind boggling. This is due to the machines unique freedom arms that adjust to an 170 degree angle so that you can work your muscles from lots of different angles. There is also a preacher curl attachment on the machine, which enables you to do preacher bicep curls to build up your arms.

Not only does the Bowflex Revolution FT home gym give you a fantastic upper body workout, but it will also train you lower body to the max as well. Using the leg press plate and the 5 position foot harness. All told, this fabulous piece of home gym equipment supports up to 90 different exercises. Which include the ability to give yourself an hard and intense core and ab workout from the machine. The Revolution is also very comfortable due to it comfortable hand grips that offer the use the ultimate in grip comfort.

Things to consider before buying the Bowflex Revloution FT exercise gym is its size. Make sure that you have the space to house the machine before buying. Its measures 63 inches by 71 inches by 108 inches. Another important thing to consider is that this machine has got a maximum user weight of 300 pounds.

Does the Bowflex Revolution FT home gym come with a warranty?

Yes, the gym comes with a 10 year warranty on all parts for added piece of mind when purchasing the gym.

How much does the Revolution Gym Machine cost and where can I get my hands on it for a cheap discounted price?

This gym has got a list price of $2,199, but forget about paying this high price for it. This is because after searching the web. I have found this fabulous machine for sale for just $1,299. That is a saving of $900 or 41% off the list price. The website that is selling it for this massively discounted price is Amazon and currently it is getting rave customer reviews on the website. Just check out these positive comments that are being left on the site about the fitness gym.

What do Amazon buyers think about the Bowflex Revolution FT home gym machine?

* Smooth delivery, clear setup instruction, great workout 5 stars out of 5

* Good for general strengthening 4 stars out of 5

* Well made and easy to assemble 4 stars out of 5

Are there any people unhappy with the Revolution? All the reviews at the moment are 4 and 5 stars out of 5 reviews. But one customer did state he had got the Inner cable tangled and spent 3 hours fixing it, but once back working they are so impressed with the incredibly smooth operation of this versatile gym. Reading through the different customer reviews, the general review of this gym is that it is smooth, versatile and fantastic value for money. One customer did state that they found assembly of the machine so quick and easy with the detailed instructions that come with the machine.

If you are on the lookout for an high quality home gym machine, that is going to offer you a fantastic complete full body workout all from the comfort of your own home then the Bowflex Revloution FT home exercise gym, may just be what you have been looking for. Not only is it high quality, but it offers fantastic value for money for the price it is on sale for. To find out more, read more reviews of the gym and buy it for a hugely discounted price of 41% OFF, click here now.

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