Bodylastics Exercise Resistance Workout Bands – Muscle And Fitness Edition 388 lbs Of Resistance


muscle and fitness edition 388lbs bodylastics resistance bandsLots of people want to build lean muscle mass and they want to build it fast. Well to do it you need to start training heavy with weights. But training heavy, especially if you train at home in your home gym, is going to take lots and lots of big and clunky weights. Not only do these weights take up lots of space in your home gym, but they do not come cheap as well. Heavy weight training equipment is expensive, and lots of people simply haven’t got the money to fork out this money to add weight and intensity to their gym.

Some people will stop working out in their home gym for this reason only, they say to themselves I can not train heavy it is now time to join a commercial gym were the weights are going to be at a level were I want to be to build lean muscle mass. You need to stop thinking this way, because there is now a piece of home exercise equipment in the marketplace that is not only very cheap to buy, but it will give you a mammoth 388 pounds of weight resistance. This is a weight that even the strongest of people will be able to train to, and grow and develop their strength training workouts.

The equipment that we are talking about is the 388 lbs muscle and fitness edition of the very popular Bodylastics resistance workout bands. This company is considered to be the very best in the field of resistance band training. The quality and durability of the bands is top notch. Let’s quickly tell you more about this wonderful piece of home gym equipment.

Bodylastics Exercise Resistance Workout Bands  Muscle And Fitness Edition 388 lbs Of Resistance Review

If you are new to training with resistance bands, you will probably think that they are for people who just want to tone up and lose weight. How wrong are you, this equipment will allow you to not only strengthen your muscles, but due to the 388 pounds of resistance available to you will allow you to build lean muscle mass fast. And the best part is, it is a fairly cheap piece of home gym equipment and it is so portable. So if you are someone who travels a lot you can still get a fantastic workout when you are away from home.

These bands will hit your legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms and abs from every angle and they will hit them hard. This equipment will give you a fantastic full body workout, all which can be done in the comfort of your own home. This resistance training system comes with 12 elastic bands that can create more than a whopping 120 different resistance levels that go up to 194 pounds on each side, totaling a mind boggling 388 pounds of resistance.

These bands are high quality, durable and super strong. They are manufactured under the best standards using continuously dipped processing and the best quality liquid latex on the market. To produce a product that not only looks fantastic, but feel strong and will last you a lifetime.

The resistance bands are color coded for easy use and the resistance of the 12 bands are as follows.

The two yellow bands = 5 pounds each

The two green bands = 7 pounds each

The two red bands = 13 pounds each

The two blue bands = 19 pounds each

The two black bands = 23 pounds each

The two orange bands = 30 pounds each

So what exactly will you receive when you buy?

You will get the 12 different color coded resistance bands

Four foam covered handles, four ankle straps

Two door anchors, a fat burning circuit DVD, 76 page bodylastics user book

Heavy duty travel and storage bag.

And last but not least, and probably one of the biggest selling points of this product is the lifetime membership to the brilliant online learning center. Were you can quickly log in to and watch online videos & coaching on how you can get the best from this wonderful piece of home gym equipment, by doing each different exercise correctly.

Does the 388 pounds edition set of Bodylastics Exercise Resistance Workout Bands come with a warranty?

They certainly do, In fact they come with a full lifetime warranty. This is how confident Bodylastics are in the resistance bands that they manufacture. These bands are so strong and flexible it is almost impossible to break them. But a word of warning it is very important that you check the bands before every workout for any nicks or damages. This will prevent accidents and injuries occurring whilst using them.

How much does the 388 pounds muscle and fitness edition Bodylastics exercise resistance bands cost? And where is the cheapest place online to buy them?

Well after checking out a few of the top online retailers I have found Amazon’s price hard to beat. They are currently selling this exercise band set for just $129.99. I like buying from Amazon because they are a well known and respected company and you can also read customer reviews before you part with your hard earned cash. At the moment this excellent set of bodylastics resistance bands is getting a customer review rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. This is enough to tell me that customers are very happy with this products.

What are amazon buyers saying about the Bodylastics 388 pound resistance workout band set?

*Heavy workout on the go 4 stars out of 5

*Strength bands done right 5 stars out of 5

* Great product, a must purchase 5 star out of 5

* Most versatile set of equipment you can buy 5 stars out of 5

* Bodylastics best home gym 5 stars out of 5

Most buyers on Amazon are really happy with the set, there are a few unhappy buyers but looking at the reviews it seems like these people haven’t fully given the bands a try before making their reviews. Thousands of people all over the world use these bands and they see results. The popular exercise program P90X uses resistance bands in their workouts, If you are wanting to train heavy and intense you really do need to take a closer look at the wonderful 388 lbs muscle and fitness edition Bodylastics resistance bands.

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