Bodylastics Exercise Resistance Bands Review – Super Strongman Edition 254lbs Of Resistance


bodylastics resistance bands 254lbs editionLots of people are considering working out from the comfort of their own home and are looking into buying themselves home fitness equipment. The biggest reasons why people want to work out from home is they don’t have the time to visit the gym and they can not afford the expensive gym fees that you need to pay each month to stay a member of a commercial gym.

Home gym equipment can be quite expensive, were talking hundreds even thousands of dollars. And this amount is simply too much money to spend for lots of people. Don’t worry though, there is now a piece of exercise equipment in the marketplace that will give you a total body workout and it will cost you under 100 dollars to buy. This exercise equipment I’m talking about is the fantastic Bodylastics resistance bands, with the 254lbs super strong man edition being a very popular choice due to the increased resistance available to you. In recent years the popularity of this type of exercise has exploded. And some of the worlds most popular exercise programs such as the P90X use resistance bands within their workout programs. If you want to train heavy then it’s very important that you buy the super strongman edition due to the whopping 254lbs of resistance being available to you.

But with so many different manufacturers of resistance bands out there in the marketplace, it’s very important that you buy from a well known manufacturer that is going to offer you high quality equipment. Bodylastics is certainly going to offer you this, the quality of the bands is top notch and the price is unbelievably cheap for such a premium quality piece of exercise equipment. There are lots of other manufacturers of resistance bands out there, but none of them compare to bodylastics in term of durability and quality.

My review of the Bodylastics exercise resistance bands (254lbs of resistance) Super Strongman Edition

These bands are fantastic because they are so versatile, you can use them at home and you can also use them as a travel gym due to their small and compact size. The amount of different exercises you can do using resistance bands is unbelievable and it is estimated that you can do a whopping 140 different exercise using a set of bodylastics bands.

Using the unique heavy duty carabiner clip system on the set, you are quickly and easily able to use one to seven bands at the same time to create a whopping 97 different levels of resistance. Which equates up to a mammoth 254 pounds of resistance.

What do you receive when you buy a set of bodylastics exercise resistance bands?

You will receive a full set of different weight resistance bands, which are fully color coded for ease of use. The colors of the bands are as follows!

Yellow band = 5 pounds,  Green band = 7 pounds,  Red band = 13 pounds,  Blue band = 19 pounds,   Black band = 19 pounds,  Orange bands = 30 pounds

You will receive four heavy duty extra wide foam covered handles, two heavy duty door anchors and four heavy duty ankle straps

You will also get the bodylastics user book, which is jam packed with information telling you exactly how to get the most from your resistance band workouts. This user book is a whopping 76 pages in size and is a fantastic addition to this wonderful home gym system.

It doesn’t end there, you will also receive lifetime access to the fantastic Strength Band University which is a members only online learning center. Which includes coaching and full video instruction for all of the different exercises that you can do with this fantastic fitness system.

Do the Bodylastics exercise resistance bands come with a warranty?

They certainly do, in fact they come with a full lifetime warranty. Bodylastics offer you this because they know that the bands are high quality and built to last. These bands are going to give you years and years of good use.

How much do they cost, and where can I buy these exercise bands at the cheapest price?

After comparing the prices of the bands at all the top online retailers, I have found Amazon to be the cheapest out there. In fact at the moment they are selling them at an extremely cheap price.

Buying them from Amazon not only gives you the best price, but it also gives you the ability to read online customer reviews before you buy. And after checking out just a few of the reviews the comments being left is unbelievably positive. This wonderful piece of home fitness equipment is currently getting an average of 4.5 stars of 5, which instantly tells me that customers are really happy with the set.

What are the buyers of Bodylastics exercise resistance bands 254 pounds edition saying about them?

Just check out, a few of the comments that are being left on amazon

* I am blown away 5 stars out of 5

* A great purchase 5 stars out of 5

* Best $100 fitness investment 5 stars out of 5

* Absolute best resistance bands you can buy 5 stars out of 5

* Excellent alternative to weights

* Excellent quality 5 stars out of 5

This inexpensive home fitness system contains everything you will ever need to start toning up. And because the strong man edition is rated up to 254 pounds. This resistance band set is suitable for even the strongest of people.

The biggest selling point of the bodylastics exercise resistance bands 254lbs super strongman edition is that they are completely portable. If you are a person who works away from home and travels a lot. Forget about spending hours in the gym, you can now get a full body workout in your hotel room, and the best part is it is going to be an hard and intense workout. Especially when you are using the super strongman edition of resistance bands.

If you are looking for a total home fitness system for under 100 dollars then this set of bodylastics resistance bands is going to be right up your street. Don’t just take my word for it, hop over to Amazon now and read even more glowing and rave reviews about this wonderful home fitness system.

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