BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Exercise Gym Machine Review


Going to a commercial gym can be very costly and time consuming and it is because of this. Lots of people are canceling their gym memberships and investing in an home gym machine. But with so many different models and brands out there in the marketplace. Which gyms are going to offer you what you want, which is a great total body workout. Well for starters you want to be buying gyms from well known companies and models that give you the ability to complete lots and lots of different exercise to stop you from getting bored with your workouts.

One very popular model of exercise gym out there for sale is the fantastic BodyCraft Xpress pro home gym. This gym at first glance looks a little bit on the expensive side, but when you fully find out what it can do and how high quality it is in terms of workout effectiveness and its tough and durable construction. Then you quickly realize that it offers fantastic value for money. Let’s tell you a little bit more about this home fitness machine.

BodyCraft Xpress Pro home gym review

If you are reading this now,  whilst still a member of a commercial gym then its time to cancel that membership. Because this home gym has got everything you would ever need to build a lean, toned, athletic and attractive body. If your aim is to lose weight and body fat, shape and sculpt your body and get stronger in the process then this is the home gym for you.

The Xpress pro lets you complete so many different exercises, which will have you returning to it time after time.  It has got  workout stations on it for shoulder presses, chest presses, lat pull down, leg lifts, biceps curling and many more. Lets look at the different workout stations a little closer.

On the row press arm station you are able to do flat and incline bench press, seated rows and shoulder press. Using the leg extension station, here you can do leg curls and leg extension weight training exercises to ensure that you are getting a total body weight training workout. Also using the functional training cable arms you are able to add another 100 exercises to your workout routines.

This multi-station gym has not only got low pulley and high pulley stations. But there is also a mid pulley on the gym which will allow you to do triceps exercises and weighted ab crunches. Another fantastic feature of the BodyCraft Xpress Pro home gym is the foot plate which is located on the low pulley system. This enables the user to sit down and use these foot plates to do rowing exercises.  Other exercises you can do using the low pulley station include upright row, standing biceps curls, leg and hip exercises and hammer curls to name just a few of them.

The Xpress Pro exercise gym has got a weight stack of 200 pounds which is enough for most people. If you are a super strong body builder then you are going to probably need to train with heavy Olympic free weights. There is also an optional leg press that can be fitted onto the machine, but you will need to pay for this separately. On the leg press you are able to double the 200 pound weight stack to a whopping 400 pounds using the cable pulley which has a 1:2 ratio, meaning the weight on the stack is doubled.

Not only is the BodyCraft Xpress Pro home gym rich in features, but it also extremely well built  with its 12 gauge steel tubing and flexible 2000 pound tensile strength steel cables. Which operate off the gyms 4.5 inch fiberglass nylon pulleys which have sealed ball bearings. Not only that, but this machine is so comfortable with it two inch thick density foam vinyl covered cushions that make it a joy to workout on. It tough, durable and comfortable construction is finished off with a stunning platinum gray powered coated finish.

When you buy the BodyCraft Xpress Pro home gym you will not only receive this brilliant exercise gym but you will also get important gym attachments such as a curling bar, a lat bar, two single handles and an ankle strap. Before buying though you will need to take its dimension to ensure it will fit into your home. The dimension of the Xpress pro fitness gym is 56.5 inches wide by 83 inches high by 82.9 inches long.

Does this model of BodyCraft home gym come with a warranty?

YES, it comes complete with a fantastic lifetime warranty for added piece of mind when purchasing this excellent piece of home gym equipment.

How much does it cost and were can I buy the BodyCraft Xpress Pro home exercise gym for the best price?

This machine has got a list price of $2,799, but after a bit of browsing online I have found this fantastic home gym for sale for a fraction of its list price at just $2,249. That is a saving of 20% off the list price. I found this bargain offer at Amazon and whilst at the site I quickly read through the reviews and I’m pleased to tell you that they were all very positive. Which is re-flexed in the 5 stars out of 5 average review score rating of the gym.

What are customers who buy the BodyCraft Xpress Pro home gym from Amazon saying about it?

* Simply the best 5 stars out of 5

* Great product 5 stars out of 5

* This aint another clothes rack 5 stars out of 5

* Rock Solid 5 stars out of 5

Is anybody unhappy with the gym at Amazon? All the reviews currently are very positive with the general review of it being.  It’s a tough and durable well made piece of kit, that will give you a great workout.

If you would like to read more reviews of the BodyCraft Xpress Pro home gym and buy it at a hugely discounted price, click here now.

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