My Review Of BodyCraft X4 Home Exercise Gym


bodycraft x4 home gymIf you are looking for one of the best home gyms in the marketplace today and you have got a few thousand to spend on one. Then one premium model of exercise gym that you will need to take a look it, is the BodyCraft X4 home gym. This gym will set you back over five thousand dollars, but the workout it offers its users is one of the best you can get from an home gym machine. This gym will allow you to cancel that costly gym membership and get fit and toned up from the comfort of your own home. Lets tell you a little more about this excellent piece of home fitness equipment.

BodyCraft X4 home gym review

If you and your family or friends would like to get fit, get stronger and shape your body then you will need to take a closer look at this premium piece of home exercise equipment. This gym gives multiple users the opportunity to all train on it at the same time. Making it one of the most popular family home gyms in the marketplace today.

The BodyCraft X4 biggest selling point is its mammoth quadruple weight stacks located on the gym. Each of these weight stacks weigh in at 200 pounds. This unique design allows 4 different people to train on the machine at the very same time, using the many different workout stations.

This beast of an home gym is ideal for people who like to circuit train with their family and friends but need to quickly change from each different workout station. Let’s tell you a little more about all of the different workout stations. Station one is the fully adjustable training cable arms. Which are excellent for duplicating all the different exercises that you can do with a set of dumbbells. From this station you can complete over 100 different exercises.

Station two on the BodyCraft X4 exercise gym is the adjustable dual cable column that provides users with weight resistance from lots of angles and at different heights to suit each different individual user. There is also static handles on the station which are mounted to the framework to help ensure you keep your balance when doing leg exercises. Station three on the machine is for doing bench presses, seated rows and shoulder presses.

Also located on this part of the gym is a mid pulley for doing triceps extensions and ab crunches. Station four is were you train your legs, using the leg press station giving the users the ability to train their legs hard by doing leg presses and calf raises. This station also allows you to double the weight resistance on this station, so it means that the 200 pound weight stack doubles up to a whopping 400 pounds.

Not only does the Body Craft X4 home fitness gym offer users a great workout from home. But it is also very well constructed and built. It is made from 4.5 inch heavy gauge steel tubing, with 4.5 inch nylon pulleys which have sealed ball bearing hubs to ensure smooth and fluid movement during use. The cables on this exercise gym are also extremely tough, strong and durable and are rated up to a whopping 2,000 pounds of tensile strength. It is also extremely comfortable with it double stitched dense foam upholstery. It has been finished off with an attractive platinum gray powder coated finish, to ensure a maintenance free long life.

Before buying the Body Craft X4 family home gym, you will need to check to see if it will fit into your home. This beast of an home gym is a little on the large size. It measures 82 inches wide by 83 inches tall by 114 inches long.  When you buy the gym you will not only receive the X4 gym, but you will also get a straight bar, ankle strap, lat bar, hand grips and an ab strap. You will also get a workout DVD showing users now to get the most out of this fantastic piece of home fitness equipment.

Does the BodyCraft X4 home gym machine come with a warranty?

It most certainly does come with a warranty and what a fantastic warranty you get with it. BodyCraft are giving buyers of the gym an in home lifetime warranty on the machine.

How much does it cost and where can I get my hands on the BodyCraft X4 home family gym at the best discounted price?

This exercise gym has got a list price of around $5,999, but after a bit of searching around the Internet. I have found a big online retailer selling the gym for just $5,799, that is a saving of 200 dollars off the list price. The online retailer listing the gym for sale at this price is Amazon. Amazon are one of the webs most reputable online companies, so you instantly know you are buying from someone that won’t rip you off.

If you are looking for a premium piece of home gym equipment, that not only you can workout on. But all of your family and friends can do as well. Then you will need to definitely taker a closer look at the Body Craft X4 home gym. To find out more about this family home fitness machine and buy it at the best discounted price, click here now.

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