My Review Of The BodyCraft K2 Home Exercise Gym


bodycraft k2 home gymIf you want to quit the commercial gym and stop paying costly monthly gym fees, but still get a fantastic total body workout. Then you are going to need an home gym machine which is high quality and will allow you to do this. One very popular brand and model that will offer you this. Is the excellent BodyCraft K2 home gym. This piece of home exercising equipment is jam packed with everything you need to workout to the max all from the comfort of your very own home. You choose when you want to exercise and the benefits from using this home gym is your workout times will be much shorter and once you have purchased it your workouts are going to be FREE for the rest of your life. Let’s look at this popular fitness gym a little closer shall we.

BodyCraft K2 home gym review

You are probably looking at buying an home gym because you want to get fitter, lose fat, shape and tone your body and get stronger. Well, this beast of an home gym is going to allow you to do it. Let’s start off by telling you about the very impressive dual weight stack system which is going to determine how heavy and tough your strength building workouts are. These stacks weigh in a whopping 200 pounds each, which means the machines has got 400 pounds of resistance. This is a weight that even super strongmen are going to struggle with.

Lots of cheaper gyms in the marketplace have very low weight stacks, which most people quickly grow out of due to them getting stronger. With the BodyCraft K2 you are guaranteed a workout that is going to keep challenging you no matter now strong you get. No expensive extra weight stacks to buy with this beauty.

Another fantastic feature of this model of BodyCraft exercise gym is its ability to allow multiple users to workout on it at the same time. This is fantastic if you are planning on using it with your partner, family or friends. So if you are on the lookout for an high quality family home gym then this model may just be the one for you.

The BodyCraft K2 home gym offers you 2 main stations, these being station one which is the Pressing station. On this part of the gym you are able to complete lots of fantastic different exercises. Just some of these exercises include machine style flat bench press, incline and decline bench press, leverage rows, squats and shoulder presses. The unique 1:2 cabling ratio on the gym also allow for a doubling of the resistance to 400 pound just off station one’s 200 pound weight stack. Another great feature of this station is that the press arm on it, is so strong that you can use it for dips and dumbbell training.

Workout station two on the BodyCraft K2 exercise gym, is the adjustable training cable arms. These allow you to do over a mammoth 100 different exercises. Making this gym one of the most versatile gyms in the marketplace today. On this station you can perform any exercise that you can with a set of dumbbells that just how versatile station 2 of the gym is. There is also an high pulley for exercises such as triceps pushdowns and lat pull downs and a mid pulley for triceps extensions and weighted ab crunches. Using the leg extension and leg curl station you are able to train your legs hard to the max. This gym truly does offer you a fantastic total body workout.

When you buy the BodyCraft K2 fitness gym you will also receive, must have gym attachments such as the lat bar, straight bar, ab strap, ankle strap and hand grips. And if that wasn’t enough you will only get a workout DVD which is going to show you how to get the most out of this fabulous family home gym.

Not only is this gym high quality in terms of all the different excellent exercise you can do on it. It is also very tough, durable and well built. This is due to it heavy gauge steel tubing framework, 2000 pound tensile strength steel cables and its 4.5 nylon pulleys which operate off sealed ball bearing to help ensure that smooth and fluid operation is achieved on every set you do on the gym. Not only is it well built, but it is also very comfortable due to its double stitched heavy duty vinyl covered foam cushions.

But before you buy the BodyCraft K2 home exercise gym you will need to take its dimensions to ensure that it will fit within your home. This gym measures 132 inches wide by 83 inches high by 120 inches long. So take these measurement as a reference to see if you can fit this beast of an home gym into your home. This gym is also designed in such a way that it is perfect to be housed in a corner of a room, meaning that for such a big family gym it is incredibly space saving due to this unique corner fitting design.

How much does the BodyCraft K2 home gym cost and where is the best place to buy it for a cheap price?

This gym has got a list price of $3,399, but do not even consider paying this much for it. This is because I have found this gym at an incredibly low bargain price. I have found it being sold for just $2,999 and that includes free shipping as well. That is a saving off $400 or 12% off the list price, the website that is offering you it at this low price is Amazon. Also at the moment people are raving about this gym in there customer reviews.

What are people who buy the BodyCraft K2 home gym saying about it?

* I love this gym. 5 stars out of 5

* The highest quality, most versatile full body machine out there. 5 stars out of 5

The customer reviews being left on Amazon about this gym is fantastic and at the moment all reviews are very positive. To read these fantastic reviews and to buy the BodyCraft K2 exercise machine at the best price online, click here now.

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