Bodycraft Home Gyms

If you are looking for a home gym which is high quality and will give you a free flowing and smooth total body workout then look no further than bodycraft home gyms. These gyms are manufactured to the highest standard, and they have a wide choice of different makes and models to choose from depending on the price you want to pay for your home gym. Lets take a quick look at a few different models that are on sale at the moment.

Bodycraft X4 Home Gym

This home gym has everything, but the price tag on this beauty is just under six thousand dollars. But what separates this gym from the rest is you and your friends or family can workout on it at the same time. This gym allows 4 different users to use the gym at the same time, working out with other people is a great motivation to keep at it and train hard so that you can see the results your looking for. This gym has a whopping 4 different workout stations each with its own very impressive 200 pound weight stack, making this a great home gym for super setting and circuit training workouts. Bodycraft home gyms are built to the highest standard and are built to last. The cables on the gym are made from aircraft cable which is coated with a flexible nylon and are rated to a mammoth 2000 lbs tensile strength making them almost impossible to break. The gym comes with a life time warranty so if anything should break it will get replaced or repaired free or charge.

Bodycraft K2 Home Gym

This home gym is fantastic at giving your body a workout that will quickly give you the results you are so desperately looking for. Some of the biggest features of this home gym is the multipurpose cable station were you are able to complete lots of different exercise to train the different body parts. The gym has two 200 lb weight stacks, making it a gym that will suit almost anyone who uses it. The exercise stations on the gym are a cable station, bench press, ab crunch, high and low pulley and leg extension and curl. The gym accessories that are included are full exercise posters which you can pin up in your fitness room for quick reference. A lat and curling bar, ankle strap and two single pull handles.

Bodycraft home gyms are manufactured to the highest standard and will give you the look and feel that you are working out in an expensive commercial gym. The quality is so good you will not know the difference. The gyms are slightly more expensive than your standard home gyms but the difference is definitely seen in the quality of the machines.  It is always better to pay that little extra to know that you are getting something that will give you many years of good use. Keeping fit and healthy is very important and these home gyms are fantastic are getting you fitter and into shape.

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