Body Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg Press Machine Review


body solid horizontal leverage leg pressLots of people now workout from the comfort of their own home. But one body part that lots of people neglect is their legs. This is mainly due to most home gyms not having the ability to train the legs hard and intense. If you are wanting to train your legs heavy so that they grow then you will need to take a serious look at the fantastic Body Solid horizontal leg press machine. This leg strengthening machine is going to allow you to train your legs as heavy as you want. Let’s take a closer look at this fantastic leg developing piece of home gym equipment.

My review of the Body Solid LVLP leverage horizontal leg press machine

This commercially rated product is going to allow you to train your legs as heavy as you want. All you do is add more Olympic weight plates to the machine. There are four loading points on the machine, which allow you to add some serious weight to it. This is one heavy duty and durable bit of kit and is made from 2 inch by 3 inch 11 gauge steel which has been finished with powder coated paint for a fantastic attractive finish.

This machine is also so comfortable due to the double stitched upholstery on it. The leg press operates off a direct drive press system which results in an effective and very accurate weight resistance. The big pivoting footplate on the leg press helps you to maintain correct foot position throughout the full range of motion whilst you are leg pressing. There is also a fully adjustable back support on the machine which adds comfort and proper body alignment to its operation.

What are the dimensions of the Body Solid LVLP leverage horizontal leg press machine?

Before you buy this leg press it is very important that you take its dimensions and find out whether or not you can fit this machine into your gym. Lots of folk make the mistake of buying gym equipment before knowing if they can fit it into their gym. The dimensions of this leg press machine is 89 inches by 57 inches by 52 inches. Take these measurements and double check before buying.

Does the Body Solid horizontal LVLP leverage leg press machine come with a warranty?

Yes it does, in fact the warranty on this piece of gym machinery will blow you away. Because Body Solid are offering you a full lifetime warranty on the machine. This means that should it break whilst you own it, Body Solid warranty will cover the repair.This alone is worth an arm and leg, and you will not see this type of warranty being offered with the lesser known gym equipment brands in the marketplace.

How much does this horizontal leg press machine cost? And where is the cheapest place to purchase it?

This Body Solid leg press has got a list price of $2,755, but forget about paying this amount for it. Because after searching the top retailers online I have found the machine for sale for just a fraction of this price at just $1,718. This equates to a massive 38% reduction on the recommended list price. The website I found this leg press for sale at such a crazy low price is the online retail giant Amazon. Amazon not only offer this gym at such a bargain price but they are also offering free super saver delivery. Free delivery is so important when buying gym equipment, because as we already know gym equipment is heavy. And paying for delivery on such large heavy items can cost a small fortune.

Things to consider before buying the Body Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg Press Machine?

First thing is the Olympic weight plates do not come with the machine, so you will need to purchase these separately. These plates can be quite expensive to buy, the secret to getting the cheapest deals on Olympic plates is to buy in bulk. Because the legs are fairly big muscles, most people will quickly be able to shift a lot of weight. So it is recommended to buy Olympic weight sets of 100kg plus to get yourself the cheapest deal. You will need a few 25kg plates, a few 10kg and several 5kg plates so that you can make smaller weight adjustments as your leg are getting stronger whilst using this fantastic leg press machine.

The next thing to consider is the size and weight of the machine, we mentioned earlier about making sure that you can fit the Body Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg Press Machine into your gym before buying. But you will also need to consider the weight of this machine, it weighs roughly 500 pounds plus and that is without loading Olympic plates on to it. So it’s very important that your gym has got a sturdy and heavy duty flooring to house this beast of a leg press machine.

Another thing to consider is assembly, this machine will need assembling when delivered. So its very important that you follow the instructions and assemble it correctly making sure that all nuts and bolts are secure for your safety when using the machine.

Once you have this body solid leg press machine assembled and in your gym. Its time to start working out on it. To get the most from the machine always make sure that you have fully warmed up before lifting heavy. This will reduce the risk of injuries and accidents occurring whilst using this fantastic piece of leg training machinery.

If you are wanting to get bigger quads and legs, then the Body Solid LVLP leverage leg press machine is going to be right up your street. If you would like to find out more about this wonderful piece of leg training equipment and find out were you can buy the machine at one of the cheapest prices online. At the moment it is being sold for a whopping 38% off, how long this deal lasts we just don’t know. Read on to find out more….

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