My Review Of The Body Solid G9S Home Fitness Gym Machine


body solid g9s home gymAre you getting fed up of having to pay expensive monthly gym fees each month. Do you find getting to the gym becoming more of a struggle and is it becoming more time consuming each week. If you are feeling this way, but would still like to get a commercial quality gym workout in, a few time per week. Then its time you took the plunge and purchased a good quality home gym. But with so many home gym machines out there which one to I buy. Well, if you are looking for one which is very high quality and will give you and your family one of the best home workouts you can get all from the comfort of your own home. Then the brand and model of home gym that might be for you is the excellent Body Solid G9S home gym. This beast of an exercise gym, has got every feature you would ever need from a machine. It offers you fluid and extremely smooth operation and is going to last you a lifetime. Let’s take a closer look at this fabulous machine.

Body Solid G9S home gym review

Let’s start off by telling you about the quality. This gym is commercial gym quality and when you start using it. You will not notice any difference, than the ones you use to workout on in those expensive health clubs. Its time to cancel that costly gym membership and get yourself an high quality gym like the G9S.

This gym has got lots of different workout stations located on it, so many in fact that up to three people can work out on this gym at the very same time. Making it an ideal family gym that all family members can use to get fit and stay fit on.

This gyms weight resistance is operated off two very impressive 210 pound weight stacks. Making this an ideal home gym for even super strong people. If you are looking for an heavy workout then the Body Solid G9S home gym is going to definitely offer you it.

This home gym has also got a leg press station, which operates off a two to one ratio. Which basically means you can double up the weight resistance you get you leg pressing to a mammoth 420 pounds.  Another excellent workout station located on this family home gym is the multi function press arm station. Which quickly allows you to swap and change from different exercises, such as the flat, incline and decline bench press, chest supported mid row exercises and shoulder press.

There is also a pectoral fly station located on the gym as well, which is a little different from your standard pec dec machines. In the fact that it offers the user fully adjustable range of motion on the pec dec exercise. This results in a deeper  muscle stretch and deeper muscle penetration, which allows for faster and more defined muscle results being obtained from your workouts.

The Body Solid G9S home fitness gym does not only operate like a professional gym, but it also looks like one in terms of quality, construction and comfort. This gym is made from heavy duty gauge steel which is tough and durable. The cushions and padding on the machine are made from thick durafirm pads with lumbar support. The cables on this machine are also extremely strong, usually the cables are the first thing to go on an home gym. Not on this beast of an home gym, the cables are made from 2,200 pound tensile strength aircraft cables which are covered in a nylon sheath. These cables are going to last you a lifetime and ensure that you get a safe and secure workout from every session.

The dimensions of the Body Solid G9S family home gym are 89 inches long by 76 inches wide by 83.5 inches high. So you will need to consider these measurements before buying this large family home gym. When you buy it you will also receive gym attachments such as the lat bar, revolving straight bar, triceps strap, abs strap and the fantastic Total Body Workout DVD and a full size exercise wall chart to get you started with this excellent gym machine straight away.

You will also receive full assembly instructions, which will allow you to quicly and easily assemble this beast of a gym. Because this gym contains lots of parts, it would be a wise move to take your time and follow the instructions step by step as they are shown. So that you don’t make any mistakes whilst assembling it.

Does the Body Solid G9S home gym come with a warranty?

This brilliant model of Body Solid home gym, comes with a full lifetime warranty on all parts. This is enough to tell you that the manufacturers of this gym, know that it is high quality and going to last you a lifetime.

How much does the G9S exercise gym cost and where can I get it for the best discounted price?

This family exercise gym has got a list price of $4,325, but you do not need to pay this large amount of cash for it. This is because after searching the top online retailers and comparing prices I have found it for sale at just a fraction of this price. In fact 24% lower than the list price at just $3,299. The website that this bargain is listed on is Amazon. At the moment there is only one customer review left on the gym but it is an extremely positive one scoring 5 stars out of 5. This customer states that the gym is exceptionally well made and it is of the highest quality.

If you are looking for a gym for not just you, a gym that all the family can use then the Body Solid G9S home gym may just be the model for you. To find out more about this wonderful family exercise gym and buy at the best bargain price, click here now.

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