My Review Of The Body Solid G4I Iso Flex Home Gym Machine


body solid g4i iso flex home gymIf you want to start training from home, you are going to need a multi-station home gym which is going to allow you to train all body parts. One that not only trains your upper body, but trains your lower body as well. You will also need to make sure you buy a good quality home gym, which offers smooth and fluid movement. There is nothing worse than buying an home gym, getting it home and finding out that its movement judders and is not very smooth in its operation. One manufacturer of fine home gym equipment is Body Solid. This company manufacturer a lot of different models, one model that is going to offer you high quality, smooth and fluid movement and will give you a fantastic total body workout is the Body Solid G4I Iso Flex Home gym. This gym is very popular with buyers at the moment. Lets tell you more about this high quality gym.

Body Solid Iso Flex G4I Home Exercise Gym Review

One of the first things you will notice when you get onto this home gym machine is its unique 3D independent Iso Flex Press Arms. This new design technology in home fitness is designed to allow not only your primary targeted muscles to work as you are exercising, but also your stabilizer secondary muscles as well. This results in quick, more defined and natural muscle development. Lots of people like to work out with free weights using dumbbells and barbells because it requires you to use these secondary stabilizer muscles.

But as we know working out with free weights at home is a massive inconvenience because for starters they are extremely heavy and all those weights take up a lot of space in a person’s home gym. Which quite simply they haven’t got.  And another reason is it is not safe to train heavy with free weights without a training partner present to spot you as you are lifting. With the Body Solid G4I Iso Flex home gym. You have the advantage of having quick weight change, all in one space saving design and these secondary stabilizer muscles are targeted just like if you were lifting free weights using the unique 3D iso flex press arms. Plus you can train on your own no training partner required to spot you.

Most people these days train on there own, because training partners can let you down. Which leads to missing workouts. Which eventually leads to you quitting your workouts altogether. By training on your own from the comfort of your own home on a fantastic home gym such as the Body Solid G4I Iso Flex home exercise gym. You only have yourself to answer to when it comes to working out.

If the Iso Flex press arms were not enough, another of this gym’s unique features is the swivelling dual pulley lat station. This is a fantastic feature because not only does it allow you to do standards exercises such as the lat pull down. But it also allows you to do less conventional home gym exercises such as crossover movement back training.

On the mid row station on the gym you are able to use the independent arms to train your chest heavy from the gyms 160 pound single weight stack. This gym also gives you the ability to train your legs with the leg developer station on the gym which will allow you to do leg extension curls and also standing curls on the low pulley system.

When you buy this excellent gym you will also receive must have pieces of home gym attachments such as the lat bar, revolving straight bar for bicep curling, 2 stirrup handles, ab and triceps strap. You will also get a Total Body Workout DVD which will clearly show you now to perform all the different strength and muscle building exercises on the Body Solid G4I Iso Flex gym machine. If that wasn’t enough for you. You will also receive a fantastic exercise wall chart. That you can pin up next to the machine, to use for reference to make sure that you are doing each different exercise correctly as you are performing them. Also located on this gym is an handy towel holder.

You will also need to consider the size of this gym as well before you buy it. Don’t make the mistake of buying without knowing if it will fit into your home gym. The measurements of this home gym are 83 inches long by 55 inches wide by 83.5 inches tall and it weighs roughly 400 pounds. So make sure you house it on a strong and sturdy floor surface.

Does the Body Solid G4I Iso Flex home gym come with a warranty?

Yes the G4I does come with a warranty. I’m pleased to tell you that the warranty on offer for this fantastic exercise gym is a lifetime warranty. That means that you are fully covered for life with this beast of an home gym. Talk about added piece of mind when buying an home gym.

How much does this fitness gym cost and were can I get it for the best discounted price?

Having searched around the Internet I have found the best price for this home gym is a little under $1500 and the website that I found it selling at this low price was Amazon. Also you will be pleased to know that customers are loving this home gym and at the moment it is getting an average review rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

What are people who buy the Body Solid G4I Iso Flex home gym from Amazon saying about it?

* Great home gym 5 stars out of 5

* Good but a beast to assemble 4 stars out of 5

Are any customers unhappy with it? All the customers who are currently leaving reviews are extremely happy. One customer did state that is was time consuming and a little difficult to assemble. But once it was assembled they where extremely happy with this fabulous home exercise gym.

If you are looking for an high quality gym, with lots of unique muscle building features such as the Iso Flex press arms that target the stabilizer muscles, swivel dual cable lat pull down pulleys and gives you a great full body workout then the Body Solid G4I Iso Flex home gym might just be the model for you. To read all the online reviews on the gym, find out more about it and buy it at the cheapest price click here now.

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