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freeform hideaway home gymBeing a member of a commercial gym can to time consuming and very expensive. These are two important things that people just can not afford to lose each month. These are the main reasons why lots of people are taking the plunge and buying themselves an home gym. Home gyms range in cost and there are hundreds of different brands and models to choose from. One brand and model of home gym that is very popular at the moment is the Freeform Hideaway home gym. This gym is so popular because of its compact size and its ability to give you a full body workout. Let’s take a closer look at the popular piece of home fitness equipment.

Freeform Hideaway home fitness gym review

If you are wanting to lose fat and keep your weight down, then the key to doing it is to build lean muscle. Muscle mass burns calories fast which results in quicker weight loss and a reduction in body fat. This home gym is a compact gym, but has got every feature you would need to start building lean muscle mass. It perfectly lets you perform the core bodybuilding exercises which are required for building a strong, lean and attractive body.

The Freeform Hideaway home exercise gym operates from 3 main positions. These being, when the user faces forward they are able to perform such exercises as the chest dumbbell flies, tricep extensions, abdominal curls and chest presses to name just a few of them. From this position you can get a fantastic upper body workout that is going to hit your muscles hard, which is going to allow them to grow. From the facing in position, you are able to perform such exercises as upright rows, lower back rows, upper lat rows, bicep curls and many more. From the standing position you are able to complete exercises such as the calf flexions, inner and glute thigh presses and leg presses. By using the Freeform hideaway machine you are able to get a fantastic total body workout that works and the best part is, it is a fairly inexpensive piece of home fitness equipment and it is build with quality, durability and space saving in mind.

This gym really does give you a fantastic workout, in fact it lets you perform the same workout that other TV promoted gym machines offer, but at a fraction of the price to buy. If you are on the look out for an affordable home gym, then you will definitely need to take a closer look at this machine.

When you workout on the gym you can quickly change the resistance on the machine, by the patented quick change resistance bands which are located on the machine. Just select the resistance bands you want to engage on your chosen exercise then start exercising, its as simple as that. The resistance on the Freeform Hideaway home gym starts from as little as 10 pounds all the way up to an impressive 200 pounds. Making it a machine that almost anyone can use to start getting fit, losing body fat and gaining muscle.

One of the biggest selling points of this gym, is not only its compact size, but its ability to be taken down in under a minute, to a size that you can easily slide under your bed or store in that bedroom closet. This feature truly does make it a fantastic piece of versatile home exercise equipment. If you are limited on space within your home to house an home gym, then this is the perfect model for you. When you buy the gym you will also receive a fantastic workout chart showing you exactly how to do each different exercise on the machine. This is going to allow you to get the most out of the machine straight away which will results in faster results from your workouts.

Does the Freeform Hideaway home gym come with a warranty?

Yes it does, it comes with a 5 year limited warranty. But with such a sturdy, well built and professionally produced piece of home gym machinery. It’s highly unlikely that you will ever need to use this warranty.

How much does it cost? And where can I buy the Freeform Hideaway exercise machine?

This home gym has got a list price of $699.99, but you would be crazy to pay this much for it. This is because after a bit of online research I have found this brilliant home gym for sale at just $347. That is a saving of 50% off the list price, which means you can currently get the gym for half its list price. The website I found it for sale at this bargain price was Amazon and at the moment this gym is getting fantastic customer reviews averaging 4.5 stars out of 5. Just look at a few of the positive comments being left about this wonderful home gym.

What are Amazon customers saying about the Freeform Hideaway home gym?

* Useful tool that fits a small space 4 stars out of 5

* Great product especially for the price 5 stars out of 5

* Best on the market 5 stars out of 5

* Workout perfection at home 5 stars out of 5

* Very sturdy equipment 5 stars out of 5

* Efficient, muscle pumping, cardio home gym 5 stars out of 5

Are there any people who are unhappy with the gym? Most of the comments are very positive, but I did find a negative comment were the buyer was unhappy with the gym because they couldn’t fit it under their bed. This machine folds almost flat to a measurement of approx. 5 inches, so take the measurement under your bed to see if it can house the gym under there.

If you are looking for a compact gym, which you can quickly and easily store away out of sight when not in use, then the Freeform Hideaway home exercise gym is going to be your best choice. It is going to give you a great full body workout at a great price.

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