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bowflex pr1000 home gymWhen it comes to choosing the best home gym machines in the marketplace. You can not go far wrong with the very popular range of bowflex home gyms. With the Bowflex PR1000 home gym being one of the most popular models out there. But before you jump in and spend your hard earned cash on this wonderful piece of exercise machinery. Read our full review of the gym to find out more.

But before we do, there are a few things you will need to consider first. Firstly you will need to decide on now much space you have within your home to house a Bowflex HOME GYM. Too many people buy gyms that they simply can’t use because they won’t fit into their homes.  Another thing to consider is to never buy lesser known and cheaper brands because the quality on these machines is more often than not very poor. They are made from cheap and inferior parts that work OK at first, but they simply wear down fast and really hit our the home gym performs.

If you are looking for high quality then the Bowflex PR1000 home gym is definitely going to offer you it. You only need to read all the raving reviews this gym is getting all over the Internet to know that it is not only a home gym which is very competitively priced. But it does exactly what it’s is meant to do in giving you the ability to workout successfully in the comfort of your own home.

My review of the Bowflex PR1000 Home gym

This machine is excellent at giving you a full body workout and is a fantastic way to not only help strengthen your muscle with resistance strength workouts but also adding cardio training into the mix as well with the built in rowing station on the gym.

On the machine you are able to do over 30 strength training exercises and with up to 210 pounds of power rod resistance this machine is going to allow you to train quite heavy. It has got unique triple function hands grips, which you can use to successfully complete exercises on the machine such as horizontal bench press and lat pulldowns.

The bowflex PR1000 has also got 4 inch upholstered roller cushions which you can use to train your legs using leg curl and leg extension exercises. Another good feature of this gym is the ability to fold up the rowing machine when you have finished your cardio workout. This is a fantastic way to save space when the gym is not in use.

The special patented bowflex power rods provide resistance that feels as good as free weights or even better because of the reduction in risk of joint pain which is often associated with using free weights. You can quickly hook up 1, 2, 3 even all four of the power rod units to the gym to go from as little 5 pounds all the way up to a whopping 210 pounds.

The rods are made from high quality composite material which have been sheathed and tested for durability, strength and quality. The rods on the bowflex PR1000 are so strong and flexible you can bend and flex them repeatedly without be able to wear them out.

Measurements and dimension of the bowflex PR1000 home gym

The height of the gym is 81 inches by 84 inches long by 38 inches wide. The minimum workout area required to use this is gym is around 100 inches by 78 inches, so make sure you have this space available within your home before you purchase this fabulous home gym. You will also need to remember that the machine has got a maximum user weight of 300 pounds.

What features does the Bowflex PR1000 home gym have?

Gives you the ability to do 30+ different exercises. Which are Incline, decline and flat bench press, front shoulder raise, seated shoulder press, seated lat rows, triceps pushdown, leg extension, calf raise and leg press to name just a few of them.

Built in rowing machine for cardio training.

Folds for easy and quick storage.

The gym has got a workout placard on it which make it easy to ensure that you are doing each different exercise correctly.

Horizontal bench press.

Multi use ankle cuffs and hand grips which have been designed to add flexibility and performance to your workouts.

Does this  Bowflex home gym come with a warranty -Yes it does, it has got a 1 year warranty on the frame. 5 years on the rods and 60 days on the parts.

How much is the Bowflex PR1000 home gym going to cost me?

The list price for this gym is $799, but you would be an absolute fool to pay this much for it. Because at the moment Amazon have got the gym listed on their website for a hugely discounted price of just $478. This is a whopping saving of 40% off the recommended retail price. Amazon are also offering free super saver shipping with this home gym.

What are Bowflex PR1000 home gym users saying about it?

This home gym is getting fantastic reviews all over the Internet and on Amazon it has got a customer review rating of 4 stars out of five.

Just check out some of the comments left about this brilliant home gym

* Great product 5 stars out of 5

* Great value for good workout 4 stars out of 5

* Bowflex truly is for real 5 stars out of 5

* Great machine 5 stars out of 5

* Solid Machine 5 stars out of 5

* The best workout gym ever 5 stars out of 5

Are there any customers who are unhappy with the gym

After reading lots of different bowflex PR1000 home gym reviews I have struggled to find any customers who are unhappy with the gym. I did find a few customers who were unhappy with the gym, but this is because the machines was just not suitable for their strength levels. But with the 210 pound weight resistance on the machine this gym is suitable for most people’s strength level.

Where is the cheapest and best place to buy the Bowflex PR1000 home gym machine?

Having spent a bit of time researching the price of this machine, I have found Amazon to be the best and cheapest place online to buy this brilliant home gym. This is because not only do they offer free shipping, but at the time of writing this review they are offering a discount of a whopping 40%.

If you are still unsure about buying the gym and want to find out more and read more online customer reviews of the bowflex PR1000 home gym.

Click here to read more reviews from people who have actually purchased this home gym.

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