Best Review Of The Body Solid EXM 4000S Triple Stack Home Gym


body solid exm4000s home gymIf you and your family are thinking about working out from home. Then you are going to need to buy a gym which is going to be able to accommodate the whole family. One of the best family home gyms in the marketplace today is the fantastic Body Solid EXM4000S home gym. This beast of a gym has got everything you would every need to give you and your family a brilliant full body workout. Let’s tell you a little bit more about this fantastic piece of home gym equipment.

Body Solid EXM4000S triple stack home gym review

This gym is the ultimate in home gym equipment and offers the user a huge range of different upper and lower body exercises. That will allow maximum muscle growth, fitness, stamina building and total body conditioning. Like we just mentioned this gym is definitely one that all family members can use. In fact up to 4 people can workout on this home gym machine at the very same time, when you add the optional leg press to the gym. This gym will fit comfortably in the center of a room or up against a wall. This gym operates of a triple weight stack, with each separate weight stack weighing a mammoth 210 pounds. You can even add a fourth weight stack to the machine if you buy the optional leg press station.

The Body Solid EXM4000S home gym is jam packed full of unique and wonderful features. One of these features is the kick assist lever located on the bench press. This allows for a complete pre stretch and full range of motion during the exercise.

Another fantastic feature of this gym is the automatic hydraulic adjustments you make on the seat. All cushions on the gym are made from tough and durable durafirm pads which offer the user the ultimate in home gym comfort. The gym has also got a perfect pec station, for hitting those pecs from every angle. More features on the gym is the advanced articulating handle design which gives the user the feel of a true dumbbell workout.

This body solid home gym is an absolute stunning gym and is finished with a white powder coat finish. It also comes with important home gym accessories such as the revolving straight bar which you can use for doing bicep curls. A lat bar which you can use for doing lat pulldowns and other back exercises. A balanced triceps V bar which you can use to train those tris. And a padded ab triceps strap and utility strap which you can use for a variety of different triceps and abdominal exercises.

What is the size of the Body Solid EXM4000S home gym?

This is a family gym with lots of different workout stations. So before you buy this wonderful piece of home exercise equipment you will need to workout whether you can fit this home gym comfortably into your home. Lots of people make the mistake of buying gyms without fully knowing whether or not they can fit them into their homes. The dimension of this gym are 133 inches by 91 inches by 83 inches and it weights a mammoth 1,420 pounds.

Doe the Body Solid EXM 4000S triple stack home gym come with a warranty?

It certainly does come with a warranty. It comes with an home lifetime warranty that covers everything. Body Solid offer such an attractive warranty because they know that they manufacture high quality goods that will last you a lifetime. Everything about this gym screams out quality and that includes the fantastic lifetime warranty that is being offered.

How much does this home gym cost? And were can I buy it for the best bargain price?

Because of the size and quality of this gym it does not come cheap. The list price on this gym is $6,475, but you would be crazy to pay this amount of cash for it. Having searched around the web, I have found this website listing the gym for sale at just $3,989 that is a saving of over 38% off the recommended list price of the gym. The website I found it for sale at this low price is Amazon.

Not only are they selling the gym at an extremely cheap price but they are also offering free super saver shipping as well. This is fantastic news because this gym weighs over 1400 pounds and other online fitness companies are charging an arm and a leg to ship this home gym to people’s homes.  Another big plus to Amazon is the ability to read customer reviews before you buy. This will help us in deciding whether we are buying high quality gym equipment or low quality. At the moment this home gym is getting an average customer review score rating of 5 stars out of 5.

What are people who buy the Body Solid EXM4000S home gym on Amazon saying about it?

At the moment there are not that many reviews on this gym, but the reviews being left are extremely positive. Just some of the positives being left about the gym are

* It is an excellent product

* It is an extremely solid and fluid motion home gym

* The after service you receive from Body Solid is outstanding.

This gym at first glance may look a bit on the expensive side, but the quality and craftsmanship of the Body Solid EXM 4000S is one of the best currently out there in the marketplace today. Think of it as investing in your future health and well being. This gym is going to give you the ability to work out from home when ever you want to. It’s time to cancel your gym memberships and get yourself a home gym. If you are looking for one of the best family home gyms on the market, then this model of Body Solid home gym is going to be right up your street. If you would like to find out more about this excellent gym and buy it at one of the cheapest prices online. Read on to find out more….

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