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bio force 1.7 home gymAre you thinking about buying an home gym, so that you can workout in the comfort of your own home without any distractions or the need to pay expensive gym fees each month. If you are then you will need to take a look at the bio force 1.7 home gym. This machine has got everything you would ever need to give yourself a full body strength workout.

What features does the bio force 1.7 home gym have?

This professional home gym’s main features is its breakthrough total nitrocell technology. This unique fitness machine operates off 2 cylinders which have been charged with nitrogen. It is these two charged cylinders that create the resistance, rather than having lots of heavy weight plates on the gym.  The cylinders produce a fantastic and smooth fluid resistance all the way through, each different exercise. If you have ever worked out on an home gym, most of them do not offer this smooth and fluid motion. Most are juddery and tend to stick which makes the results you get from your gym workouts not as effective.

If you are looking for a fantastically smooth resistance home gym then the bio force 1.7 home gym is going to be right up your street. You are also quickly and easily able to switch the resistance levels on the machine by simply using the machines advanced slide n lock mechanism. That allows you to switch the weight and resistance on the machine from 10 pounds all the way up to an impressive 170 pounds within seconds. Quick changeovers during your workouts is essential, plus as well you are less likely to injure yourself. Which very often occurs when people are lifting heavy and dangerous weight plates to make their changes.

By having the ability to make these quick resistance changes your workouts become more effective and you are able to maximize your performance during your workouts. So that your exercise routines become, faster, simpler and ten times more effective. This home gym can work every muscle on your body, so that you get a total body workout. With lots of different arm articulations on the machine, you are able to train your shoulders, chest and arms to the max. The machine has also got a lat developer which you can use to train your back. Also on the machine is a leg developer which you can use to train your hamstrings, quads and calves. The bio force 1.7 home gym is truly a full body exercise machine. Also located on this brilliant and unique home gym is a two position seat which you can adjust to complete all your different exercises on the machine.

To help you get the most from this home gym, it comes with a comprehensive guide which quickly and easily shows you how to complete more than a whopping 100 different body shaping exercises for both men and women. Also included is an healthy eating plan so that you start reaching your goals as fast as you can. Be it losing fat or building lean muscle. You will also receive a brilliant aerobic guide that will show you how to get the most from your aerobic workouts. This home gym is surprisingly very small and compact and will take up a lot less room within your home than a traditional treadmill.

What are the dimensions of the bio force 1.7 home gym

It’s very important that you know what the measurements of this gym are before you buy it. What’s the point of buying a gym that you can’t fit into your home. The dimensions of the gym are 65 inches wide by 82 inches tall by 52.75 inches long. So take these measurements and check that you have space available within your home so that you can comfortably fit the machine in your home.

Does the bio force 1.7 come with a warranty?

It certainly does, the warranty on this machine is 1 years on the frame and parts.

This gym is very durable with its heavy gauge steel and stainless hardware, and is extremely quite and smooth when being used. Another good thing about this gym is it comes with fantastic assembly instructions so that anyone with even the smallest of diy skills can quickly and easily assemble the machine. It takes around 2 hours to roughly assemble the machine. It also come with plastic coated exercise sheets so that you can make sure that you are completing each different exercise correctly. Also included is a zippered ring binder which houses all the different workout pics, this is not some junk thrown in, this is high quality information which is professional and made to last.

What is the biggest selling point of the Bio Force 1.7 home gym

The biggest and best feature of this gym has got to be its smooth operation through it’s full range of motion. You do not get this on other resistance based machines. It is just like using free weights, because there is constant pressure throughout the range when doing the exercises. Most resistance based home gyms operates a bit like a spring, which means the exercise gets harder the further you push or pull on it. This doesn’t happen with the bio force home gym due to its unique nitrogen filled cylinders that operate the machine.

How much will it cost be to buy this home gym?

This gym has got a list price of around $999, but this is a stupid amount of money to pay for this home gym. Having compared the prices with all the top online retailers I am pleased to tell you that you can now pick up this gym for a ridiculously low price of just $657. This means you are getting a whopping 34% knocked off the list price and you also get free shipping as well. Which makes it one fantastic bargain, the online retailer that I found it at this price was Amazon. I like buying from amazon because not only are they a huge well known and well respected company, but you can read online customer reviews before you part with your hard earned cash.

What are amazon customers saying about the bio force 1.7 home gym

This home gym is getting fantastic reviews from Amazon and at the moment is getting a customer review rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Just check out some of the comments that are being left about this fantastic piece of home gym equipment.

Bioforce best for the money and best period 5 stars out of 5

Good all round machine 5 stars out of 5

The real deal 5 stars out of 5

Awesome machine 5 stars out of 5

Top quality at every level 5 stars out of 5

Great resistance workout 4 stars out of 5

Bio Force is amazing 5 stars out of 5

The gym is getting hardly any negative reviews, which is a good indication that this is a very good piece of home gym equipment. Still uncertain and want to read more online reviews.

Click here to read all the online customer reviews of this Bio Force home gym!

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