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bodycraft galena pro home gymWhen it comes to keeping fit, losing body fat and building muscle lots of people are choosing the option of buying an home gym and working out from home to do it. Instead of staying a member of an expensive commercial gym were they have to pay costly monthly fees each month. Buying a good quality home gym pays for itself in no time at all. But before you buy one, you will need to get one which is high quality, good value for many, has smooth and fluid movement and gives you the ability to complete a total body workout. One brand and model of home gym in the marketplace that is going to give you this, is the excellent BodyCraft Galena Pro Exercise Gym. Let’s take a closer look at this wonderful piece of home gym equipment.

BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym Review

If your aims are to get strong, lose fat, build muscle and shape and tone your body then this gym is ideal for you.  This gym has been designed specifically to fit perfectly into the corner of a room, making it the perfect choice for people who may be a bit limited on space to house this piece of home fitness equipment. This gym takes up a lot less room than your older and more traditional home gym systems which are bigger and much bulkier.

This gym will give you a fantastic total body workout from the comfort of your own home. It features a chest press station and its very own pectoral fly press station. There is also a Leg extension station which allows you to train your legs and quads muscles heavy using the gyms very impressive 200 pound weight stack, doing leg curls and leg extension exercises. Not only that, you can also train your legs using the low pulley system on the gym.  If that wasn’t enough exercise to train your leg muscles, this gym also gives you the ability to do leg presses by buying the optional leg press station that you can quickly and easily fit on to the gym. You need to remember though that the leg press does not come with the gym you need to buy it separately.

The BodyCraft Galena Pro home gym gives you the ability to complete a variety of different upper and lower body exercises. Exercises such as biceps curling, triceps push down, lat pull downs, upright rows  and many more. This gym truly does offer you the choice of lots of different exercises. Which is so important in an home gym. Having all these different strength building exercises available to you will stop you getting bored with your workouts because you can swap and change your workouts every few months to keep them fresh.

This multi station exercise gym has got a low pulley, high pulley and even an abdominal crunch station to allow you to train your abs with weights. Lots of people who train with weight resistance machines neglect their abs. But on the Bodycraft Galena Pro home gym you have the ability to do weighted ab crunches that will not only add muscle and definition to your abs, but will increase your core strength which is so important if you play sports that require, strength, speed and agility.

Before buying this exercise gym you will also need to take the size of it into consideration and the weight of it. Whats the point of buying this exercise gym if you haven’t got the room to house it. The measurements of this gym is 58 inches wide or 92 inches if you buy the optional leg press by 72 inches long by 81 inches high. Take these measurement and measure up to see if it will fit into your allocated gym space. The weight of the machine is a whopping 500 pounds so make sure you have a strong and sturdy floor surface that you can house the gym onto.

Does the Galena Pro Exercise gym come with a warranty?

Yes it most certainly does. In fact you are going to be extremely pleased with the warranty that BodyCraft are offering you with this gym. This is because they are giving you a lifetime warranty on the frame and parts. Talk about giving you that extra piece of mind when buying this brilliant home gym machine.

How much does the Body Craft Galena Pro Home gym cost and were is the cheapest place to buy it?

This gym has got a list price of $1,799, but you would be crazy to pay this for it. Whys that then, well after a little web searching I have found this great home gym for sale for just $1,499 and that includes free shipping. What an absolute bargain or what, that is a saving of $300 and a 17% saving off the list price. The website that is selling it at this bargain price is Amazon and at the moment this home gym is receiving rave reviews. Scoring 5 stars out of 5 on its Amazon average customer reviews.

What are Amazon customers saying about the BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Exercise Gym?

* Well worth the money 5 stars out of 5

* A wonderful alternative to gym membership 5 stars out of 5

* Best value 5 stars out of 5

* Great product 5 stars out of 5

Are there any unhappy customers?

At the moment every review on Amazon is giving this fabulous home gym a 5 star out of 5 review. This is enough to tell me that people are extremely pleased with it and it is definitely an home gym that is going to offer you what you want out of it.

If you are looking for a fantastic home gym system, one that will give you a heavy and intense total body workout all from the comfort of your own home. Then the Body Solid Galena Pro home gym might just be the model you have been looking for. To read more reviews of this brilliant exercise gym and to find out more and buy at the best bargain price , click here now.

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