My Review Of The Best Fitness BFBG10 Basic Training Gym


best fitness basic training gymMore people than ever are deciding that buying an home gym to workout from the comfort of their own home is the way to go. Going to a local gym is costly and very time consuming. Working out from home gives you the advantage of saving you money and more importantly saving you time. Home gyms are a fantastic time saver, and the workout that some models give you is fantastic. One popular model and brand of home gym out their for sale in the shops at the moment is the Best Fitness BFBG10 basic training gym. This gyms popularity is mainly due to its inexpensive price tag and its ability to give you a fantastic full body workout. It is also a gym that is small and compact, so if you are tight on space within your home to house an home gym then this may just be the machine for you. This is also a machine ideal for beginners and people just starting out with home exercise.

Best Fitness BFBG10 Basic Training Gym Review

If you want to get fitter, firm up and tone up your body then this inexpensive piece of home fitness equipment might just be the machine for you. The gym is designed to work your full body, from its compact, small and lightweight design. The machine consists of a solid workout base, an adjustable bench and a leg extension and leg curl unit to give you a full body workout.

The fully adjustable arms help to ensure you get the most out of your workouts, because they offer you a complete range of motion that results in a better workout. The Best Fitness BFBG10 home training gym operates of a set of bands and it is these bands that create the resistance which are going to determine how hard your workouts are. On the gym you are able to dial up or down the resistance and intensity levels that you require your workouts to be at.

One of the biggest selling point of the gym is its lightweight construction due to it being built without free weights or an heavy weight stack. This gym is so versatile and you can quickly and easily move it around your home to any room that you choose to workout in.

Does the Best Fitness BFBG10 Basic Training Gym come with a warranty?

Yes this home gym machine does come with a warranty. It has got a three year warranty on the frame and one year on all of the other parts.

How much does this Best Fitness gym cost and were can I buy it for the best bargain price?

This fantastic complete body workout gym has got a list price of $295, but this is a silly amount of money to pay for it. This is because I have found this gym for sale at a low bargain price of just $264. That is a saving of 11% off the list price. The online retailer listing it at this price is Amazon.

What are Amazon customers saying about the Best Fitness BFBG10 basic training gym?

At the moment there is only one customer review left about the gym. But this review is very positive. The reviews headline reads

* Excellent buy took 45 minutes to completely set up 5 stars out of 5

Basically the review tells us about how easy it is to set up and get started with the machine.

If you are on a tight budget and have got less than 300 dollars to spend on a home gym, it might be worth you taking a look at this machine to see if it is going to offer you what you are looking for in an home gym machine. If you are a fairly strong person, then this isn’t the gym for you, because of the low to medium weight resistance it offers. If you are a person who wants to tone up and shape up, then this machine is perfect for you. If you would like to find out more about the Best Fitness BFB10 basic training gym and buy it at a low discount price, click here now.

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