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Welcome to Best Home Gyms, we are a website dedicated to finding you all the best deals,info and reviews on all the latest home fitness equipment. More and more people are taking the plunge and working out at home. Modern day gym memberships are very expensive, and they also contain lots of things that you just won’t use. Another big reason why lots of people are choosing to cancel that gym membership. Going to the gym is so time consuming, can you imagine the time it would take for you to go to the gym, get changed.Workout for one hour in the gym, then go for a swim in the pool. Get showered, changed and then have to drive home.

best home gymsLet me tell you this, it would takes you hours and hours. Most of us just haven’t got the time in our busy schedules and life’s to do this. So we need something at home that will give us a total body workout. The machine to do this, is going to be an home gym. There are so many different home gyms out there in the marketplace to choose from. So lets take a quick look at some of the most popular gyms with home gym users at the moment.

Some of the Best Home Gyms in the marketplace

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bio force 1.7 home gymThe Bio Force 1.7 home gym is one truly unique piece of home fitness equipment. The resistance on this machine is created by the nitrogen charged cylinders that are fitted into the gym. This allows for greater range of motion resulting in users getting better results from their workouts. This gym is well built, comfortable and gives users a fluid and smooth workout.

bowflex pr1000 home gymThe Bowflex PR1000 home gym offers users the opportunity to complete a total body workout from the comfort of their own home. This machine operates off Bowflex’s patented power rods, which have a resistance up to 210lbs. Start off light with just 5 pounds, then work your way up to the maximum of 210lbs. There is also a built in rower, to add some cardio exercise to your workout routines.

best fitness bfmg20 sportsman gymThe Best Fitness BFMG20 Sportsman home gym is other excellent gym for its cheap price. Again it offers users a great total body workout and is extremely popular with home gym users due to its compact and small size. This machine measures just 47 inches by 64 inches and stands 78 inches tall. The weight stack on this model is 150 pounds, making it an ideal starter home gym machine.

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bowflex pr3000 home gymThe Bowflex PR3000 home gym is a very versatile piece of home gym equipment. Giving users the ability to complete over 50 different exercises from it. The weight resistance on the machine is 210lbs, but this can be quickly and easily be upgraded to a mammoth 310lbs. The no change pulley system on the gym, allows users to quickly change the weight resistance on the gym.

body solid exm2500s home gymThe Body Solid EXM2500S home gym operates off its 210lbs weight stack. Which allows you to increase or decrease the weight in 10 pound increments. With it unique Bio-mechanical design it certainly offers the home gym users one fantastic at home workout. It’s a tough, durable and comfortable machine that offers fantastic value for money.

Home Gym Reviews

Here at BestHomeGyms.Org, we will be reviewing all the best and latest pieces of home gym equipment out there in the marketplace today. If you are interested in buying one, all the best home gyms on the market today will train every body part. But beware you often get what you pay for when buying home fitness equipment. The cheaper equipment is usually made on the cheap and the cables and pulleys soon wear. Which will make it much more difficult to get a good workout on them. It’s probably best to spend that little bit more on a well known brand, to ensure that you get a machine that runs smoothly when being used for many years to come.

How to choose the best home gyms that are right for you?

Some of the best home gym manufacturers on the market today are Body Solid, Bodycraft, Bowflex and Marcy. Personally I work out on a Body Solid home gym and I find the quality of workmanship on the machine absolutely brilliant. I’ve had mine for over five years now, and all I’ve had to do in that time is change one pulley setting, because the cable had lengthened by one centimeter due to 5 years hard usage. The machine still runs as freely and smoothly as the day I bought it five years ago. I made the mistake of buying cheap with my first home gym, and within 6 months the pulleys and cables were totally ruined making it virtually impossible to use.

So don’t make the same mistake that I did and buy cheap, you will regret it. That doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands and thousands on a home gym machine. No you can pick up some fantastic home gyms for a price that will suit almost any ones pocket.

Before you jump in and buy an home gym, there is a few very important things you need to know before you purchase one. Number one you may be limited for space in your home, so measure the space you have available to you and buy a gym that will fit comfortably in to your allocated space. Next you will need to pick one that has a reasonably heavy weight stack, my first gym didn’t have much of a weight stack and I found myself adding weight to it, and the machine just wasn’t designed for it. A big bonus to buying an home gym with an heavy weight stack on it, you know it will be heavy duty and built to last, even if you never get round to lifting the full weight stack. A good weight stack should be at least 200 pounds if your a man and slightly less if your a women.

Home gym machines are a MUST HAVE BUY!

All the best homes gyms on the market today come with lifetime warranties, which is going to give you that added piece of mind when you make your purchase. Look at whats included in the warranty though, things like pulleys and cables will probably not come with a lifetime warranty. The best tip is to shop around before you buy, read up on all the home gym reviews that you can. Pick a machine that will train every body part, is heavy duty and built to last. The most important thing though and the one thing that make an home gym a good one. Is how easy and freely the machine moves when being used.

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